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We just have one question when it comes to baby pigs:


As documented many times in the past, these little animals are positively adorable, whether they are trying to befriend a pit bull or simply hopping through the grass.

But this may be the cutest piglet example to date: the following video features a very young pet and a very patient dog. The former is so excited to be pals with this four-legged creature that he practically backflips over him at one point.

Then, later, the dog acts like the pig's mother, licking him all over and making the tiny guy oh so happy, safe and relaxed. It's precious stuff:

Seriously, who would have guessed these two would get along so well?

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With Teen Mom 2 Season 5 drawing to a close in the coming weeks, speculation has already started swirling around a potential Teen Mom 2 Season 6.

MTV is notoriously mum on these things. It took more than a year's time for Teen Mom 2 Season 5 to make it to air after Season 4 came to an end.

Meanwhile, the original Teen Mom will have been off the air for 2-3 years (!) by the time it returns sans Farrah Abraham in 2015. If that really happens.

Any word on Season 6 may be a long time coming, in other words, but the success of Season 5 might lead to a relative rush job from the network.

Last night's Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 23 proved once again that the baby mama drama is only getting more layered and interesting over time.

We're not even kidding. The co-parenting struggles, custody battles and new members of the Teen Mom family coming into the world make for great TV.

Does the reality show still resonate with impressionable youths?

Maybe, maybe not, since Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska and Leah Messer aren't even teens anymore, as they were on 16 & Pregnant.

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So... are The Mysteries of Laura worth taking the time to solve?

NBC offered up a special presentation of Debra Messing's new drama last night, which featured the former Will and Grace star as Laura Diamond, teased by the network as one bad mutha, putting criminals away during the day and dealing with two crazed twins at night.

Unfortunately, The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 1 painted this character instead as simply one bad mother.

The tone shifted often on the pilot, with its opening few minutes depicting Messing’s law enforcement officer shooting off a criminal’s eat and then going home to find her sons peeing all over each other.

(At least they inherited their mom's good aim!)

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Along with the other stars of The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco is making major bucks. Like, never work again after the show ends and still be able to build a yacht out of your empty Cristal bottles bucks.

Kaley signed a $90 million contract to star in three more seasons of TBBT, so naturally the topic of cash came up when she and the rest of the cast sat down for an interview with People magazine ahead of the show's upcoming eighth season.

The Big Bang Theory: People Magazine Cover

Based on their comments, it seems that even though they're pulling in Two and a Half Men money these days, none of the core members of the Geek Squad have transformed into rock star warlocks from Mars yet:

"You learn who to talk to where to go and how to act," says Kaley. "If you don't want to be photographed, don't go to The Ivy, and where undergarments when you go out!"

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Britney Spears is accused of ripping off another company’s designs for the lingerie she wants you to rip off her (or at least shelves, while paying for it of course).

Beverly Hills boutique Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie has called out the singer for imitating one of their sexy bra and panty sets in her new Intimate collection:

Britney Spears Lingerie Ripoff?

Addiction Nouvelle employee Stephanie Cook huffed on Instagram that Spears' ad looks like something that you can "purchase in our Beverly Hills store."

“The sneak peak of Britney Spears' new intimates collection looks more like a copy of the full bra and high waist panty by Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie."

“#copycat,” Cook added to the caption of her side-by-side picture comparison.

Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie didn't officially call out Spears, but confirmed that Cook works for the company, and the brand’s Instagram account “liked” her post.

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Do you wanna build a snowman?

Let's table that question for a moment and ask this one instead:

Do you wana to look like Queen Elsa on your wedding day?

Disney announced this week that it has teamed with Alfred Angelo Bridal to create a gown based on the highest-grossing animated movie of all-time.

The company even posted a photo via Instagram, captioning the post:

"The rumors are true- meet "Elsa", our Frozen-inspired wedding gown with @AlfredAngeloBridal! #Disney #Frozen #wedding #dress."

Frozen Wedding Dress

Frozen, of course, continues to be everywhere these days.

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When last we saw our beloved survivors on The Walking Dead, most of them were being held captive inside a train car inside Terminus. 

"They're screwing with the wrong people," said Rick Grimes. They are, indeed!

Take a look at The Walking Dead Season 5 cast photos we found on the Internet and then read on for speculation as to what might take place when the series returns.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Cast
The Walking Dead is returning soon to AMC! Take a look at the cast now!

Warning: Potential The Walking Dead spoilers follow. Read at your own risk.

Right now we have three separate stories set to converge when The Walking Dead returns. There's Terminus, Beth Greene, and Carol and Tyreese who, along with Baby Judith, are hopefully coming to the rescue.

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Actress Daniele Watts and boyfriend Brian James Lucas may or may not have been doing more than "making out" inside a car in a Studio City parking lot.

The Django Unchained star was accosted by police, suspected of prostitution and handcuffed as a result of the incident, which she blamed on racial profiling.

Accounts have differed on what the duo was actually doing in the car, but Lucas is now speaking out, saying the alleged Daniele Watts sex photos ... aren't.

Daniele Watts and Brian James Lucas

A raw-foods chef who claims a number of celebrity clients, Lucas told the L.A. Times via text that "Photos show nothing cuz we were doing nothing."

An eyewitness working in an adjacent office felt differently, though, and the photos posted on TMZ show Watts straddling Lucas with her shirt pushed up.

He was also "bongoing" on her chest while they appeared to be gripping the car's open sunroof to steady themselves as she rocked back and forth.

There are also accounts of her cleaning them both up with a tissue afterward, and witnesses say they refused requests to tone down the PDA.

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With the celebrity gossip world abuzz over a rumored Iggy Azalea sex tape, the woman at the center of this alleged video is taking legal action against the man who claims to be the one allegedly porking her in it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the rapper has filed a lawsuit against Jefe Wine (aka Hefe Wine), but not for the reason you may think.

Rumored sex tape aside, Azalea claims her ex-boyfriend copied the entire contents of her laptop on to his computer when the pair were living together in 2009.

And that he did so without her consent.

This, of course, would include the sex tape (if it exists!), but Iggy cannot sue over something that has not yet been made public.

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Bridgett Szychulski, a well-liked high school band director in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is charged with having sex with a 14-year-old student in 2012.

She taught at Lenape Middle School in Doylestown, Pa., at the time.

Szychulski, 31, is married with a four-year-old son and pregnant.

Bridgett Szychulski Mug Shot

Her hands cuffed in front of her expanding belly in court, she was arraigned on charges of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse earlier this week.

She also faces criminal counts of statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault and indecent assault, and has been suspended without pay.

Szychulski was released on $500,000 bail pending trial.

Authorities launched an investigation into her conduct earlier this month after someone made an anonymous call to the state child abuse hotline.

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