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In the following video, easily the greatest this Internet has seen since the French Bulldog who refused to sleep, Leonardo DiCaprio dances like no one is watching.

Except someone totally is!

Indeed, while attending Coachella in Indigo, California over the weekend, the multiple-time Oscar nominee got his groove on to MGMT, high-kicking and punching the air in a manner that must be seen to be believed.

So go ahead and see for yourself now and be sure to catch the amazing look of shock and glee on the face of the woman behind the video:

Other 2014 Coachella highlights include:

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When we last saw Mad Men's Don and Megan Draper, it looked like the May-December power couple were headed for Splitsville.

So it was a bit of a shock when we finally got reintroduced to Don (several minutes into last night's episode) to find that the ad man and the actress are living a happy and hectic bi-coastal existence.

Well, happy for now. Her career is taking off while he's struggling as a freelancer - a state off affairs that Don certainly won't tolerate for long. 

After dumping his stash last season, Don is also apparently drinking again. Good sign if you like drama, bad sign if you're rooting for a happy ending for Don and Megan.

On Mad Men every detail is significant and it's no accident that the show kicked off its seventh and final season with an extended close-up of Freddy Rumsen - a recovering alcoholic who was fired from Sterling-Cooper for his boozy ways and is still struggling to rebuild his life several years after giving up the bottle.

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Watch out! Katy Perry is ROARing about a social media phenomenon taking over the world. Oh yes, we're talking about the selfie.

Katy Perry says selfies are a disease and refused to take one for a fan this weekend at Coachella. She relented, but only after the fan agreed to be in the photo with Perry, and not without tweeting out a message to her KatyCats.

Katy Perry Selfies

A study recently found that selfie-taking is linked to increased narcissism and mental illness. In her mind, refusing to take the selfie and sharing a warning with her fans was probably a public service announcement, but we kind of think more pictures of Katy Perry in the world does just as much good.

It's true that a glance at Katy Perry's Instagram feed shows only a few selfies, but that doesn't stop her from being photographed while all glammed up and nearly naked for various magazines and music videos.

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Kendall Jenner made quite the fashion statement at Coachella over the weekend.

No, the reality star didn't do up her hair in any kind of epic braid.

But she did put a ridiculously huge hoop in her nose for reasons that defy explanation.

The 18-year-old model stepped out with friends while donning this unusual piece of jewelry Sunday, as a chain actually connected this monstrosity to her ear.

She didn't include a caption with the following Instagram photo, leaving fans to wonder on their own what the heck she was thinking:

Kendall Jenner Nose Ring Photo

Kendall also spent time at the music festival in California with sister Kylie and new close friend Selena Gomez.

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So much for Prince William's huge "hint" that he dropped in New Zealand and immediately had the world wondering if he got Kate Middleton pregnant again.

The Duchess and Duke enjoyed several glasses of locally-made wine at an engagement at the Amisfield Vineyard in New Zealand Sunday, April 13.

So much for that. Kate even told wine-makers that she was "really enjoying being able to drink again after having baby George." And she did. See below:

Kate Middleton Drinks Wine at Vineyard
Prince William and Kate Middleton tour a vineyard in New Zealand and take in the offerings ... guess she's not pregnant!
View As List
Kate Middleton Drinking Wine

1. Kate Middleton Drinking Wine

Prince William and Kate Middleton tour a vineyard in New Zealand and take in the offerings ... guess she's not pregnant!

Bottoms Up For Kate & Will

2. Bottoms Up For Kate & Will

Prince William and Kate Middleton tour a vineyard in New Zealand. Looks like they had fun!

Kate with Wine

3. Kate with Wine

Kate Middleton tours a vineyard in New Zealand. Guess she's not pregnant.

William and Kate at Vineyard

4. William and Kate at Vineyard

Prince William and Kate Middleton tour a vineyard in New Zealand and taste some wine.

William and Kate at the Vineyard

5. William and Kate at the Vineyard

Prince William and Kate Middleton tour a vineyard in New Zealand.

A source close to the duo tells Us regarding the rumor, "Kate is not pregnant. They want a bigger family in the future, but she's not pregnant right now."

The Duke, 31, and Duchess, 32, joined John Darby, 57, owner of Amisfield Vineyard, who gave the visiting royal couple a tour of the gorgeous premises.

With the scenic mountains in the background and sun beaming down, Kate swirled a glass of pinot noir and took a sip before handing it to private security.

Kate reportedly joked that the security agent should "enjoy it."

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In case the world needed proof that even supermodels sometimes dislike their bodies, Kate Upton's boobs, she says, are too big and making life hard.

(Among other things. Ahem.)

But seriously folks. The 21-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model says she wishes for smaller boobs "every day of [her] life." 

"Every single day, I'm like 'Oh, man, it would be so much easier,'" she said, adding, "especially if people didn't constantly bring them up."

Uh, Kate, when you have THAT rack and you model in your underwear, they sort of become a topic of conversation all on their own, you know?

The Kate Upton GIFs below. help illustrate just how great her boobs are, BTW. So why does Kate say she wants smaller boobs? Because fashion!!

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Justin Bieber went all Beyonce at Coachella over the weekend.

The day after Queen Bey shocke attendees by taking to the stage alongside sister Solange, Bieber made a surprise appearance at the music festival and performed a song with Chance the Rapper.

Clad in a bandana around his neck and a black t-shirt, Justin rapped along to "Confident," the track he and Chance released in December, later telling Twitter followers he had "fun" at the annual event in California.

Watch snippets from the unexpected duet here:

Bieber, meanwhile, is busy making all kinds of music these days.

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On Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 13, the show's fifth season finale, Leah and Corey finally got an official diagnosis for Ali, and it’s not what they expected.

The prognosis (so to speak) for Jenelle, Chelsea and Kailyn might surprise you too as all four of the moms are struggling with some major life changes.

Follow the link to watch Teen Mom 2 online, then recap the latest drama Leah Messer, Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, and Chelsea Houska are dealing with ...

The season finale opened with Jenelle having been arrested for disturbing the peace after a fight with beau Nathan Griffith. Pretty (sadly) standard for her.

Worst of all, Jace witnessed her getting arrested, and was crying.

While talking about their fighting, the duo get into another fight because neither one of them has a job. These two are getting to be very high maintenance.

Aside from worrying about how these new criminal charges are going to affect her probation, things with Nathan and Jenelle seem to keep getting worse.

As the tension builds, Nathan tells Jenelle that they aren’t going to stay together, and when Jenelle asks if she should get an abortion, Nathan says yes.

“He might as well be dead,” Nathan says while they are fighting.

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Remember that Wheel of Fortune contestant a few weeks ago who took a wild guess in the bonus round and won himself $45,000 despite there being nearly no letters actually turned over in the puzzle?

This is the exactly opposite of that.

On Friday, Indiana University honors student Julian Batts had an entire puzzle solved for him and a $1 million card sitting in his pile of potential winnings.

But the poor guy failed to pronounce the name "Achilles" properly, costing himself a shot at bringing home some seriously big bucks. Watch the epic fail now:

Later, Batts also lost a car and a trip to London… yet still ended up making it to the bonus round.

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James Franco has shared a new selfie of himself lounging in bed, begging for followers in the language of a web spam bot in an attempt to be funny.

We think. One never really knows how much of an act James Franco's creepiness is. He would definitely pretend to be creepy for fun, but then again ...

That James Franco Instagram scandal turned out to be real and involved him sort of seducing a teenager. Dude got played, but still. It makes you think.

Anyway, back to the picture below. "I AMOST FOLLOW 3000!! AT 2M FOLLOWERS ILL FOLLOW 5000," he wrote, while struggling to turn off caps lock.

James Franco Selfie

Tired? Stoned? Seductive? Any/all of the above? Acting? Real?

It is not clear if this is performance art, a skewering of the superfluous search for positive reinforcement on social media, or an actual attempt to get more followers.

Or perhaps a little of both? One never knows with Franco.

It is also unclear if he intentionally misspelled ALMOST or eschewed punctuation deliberately, but guy has a second career as a spammer if he ever wants it.

In any case, teenage girls and fellow weirdos everywhere, FOLLOW JAMES FRANCO ON INSTAGRAM if you want more sexiness like this in your feed.

Then check out more classic celebrity selfies below ...

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