Austin Forsyth's Family Accused of Operating "Camp of Horrors" By Traumatized Duggar Fan

Austin Forsyth's Family Accused of Operating "Camp of Horrors"

When you consider how long they've been famous, it's amazing how much of their lives the Duggars have been able to keep hidden from public view.

The internet age has made it more difficult than ever for them to keep their secrets, but the Counting On clan still adheres to a code of silence strict enough to rival the Five Families of the New York Mafia.

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Duggar Insider Predicts Jim Bob Duggar's Scandal-Plagued Media Empire Will Come to an End In 2020 [EXCLUSIVE]

Duggar Insider Predicts End of Jim Bob's Media Empire

It's been more than a decade since Jim Bob and the rest Duggar family made a name for themselves with a series of documentaries that eventually led to the TLC reality show, 19 Kids and Counting.

At first, producers focused on the sheer size of the family and the challenges that accompany the raising of such a massive brood.

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Jeremy Vuolo Pays Loving Tribute to Jinger Duggar While Fans Deride Him as Controlling

Jeremy Vuolo Offers Mother's Day Tribute to Jinger Duggar!

It was Mother's Day on Sunday, and while the coronavirus pandemic may have put a damper on their celebrations, various members of the Duggar family still paid tribute to the moms in their life via social media.

There were some significant snubs -- more on that later -- but for the most part, it was a love-fest for maternal figures, as Duggars squashed rumors of bad blood or marital discord by declaring their affection for moms.

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Jill Duggar SNUBS Michelle on Mother's Day as Derick Dillard-Jim Bob Feud Heats Up!

Jill Duggar SNUBS Michelle on Mother's Day as Feud Heats Up!

Like just about every other family in the country, the Duggars celebrated a different sort of Mother's Day this year, as the coronavirus pandemic keeps us locked in our homes or standing six feet apart.

But for Michelle and her daughter Jill, the holiday was unlike any other for reasons that have nothing to do with the public health crisis.

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