Taylor Swift is as big as it gets in the music industry. She is a beloved country star AND pop star!

Taylor Swift Hands Out Cash to Fans Affected By Coronavirus, Remains the Queen

Taylor Swift Hands Out Cash to Fans Affected By Coronavirus

We probably don't need to tell you that we're living in very strange, very difficult times.

The coronavirus pandemic has the whole world in a panic, and in addition to the obvious health concerns, millions of Americans are grappling with frightening uncertainties about their employment and financial futures.

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Scooter Braun to Taylor Swift: Tell Your Fans to Stop Threatening My Family!

Scooter Braun: Taylor Swift Fans Are Threatening My Family!

Generally speaking, disputes over intellectual property rights don't make tabloid headlines.

Then again, such conflicts usually don't involve the most valuable music catalog of the 20th century and a singer who's known for publicizing every aspect of her personal life.

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Taylor Swift: I've Been Slut-Shamed My Whole Life!

Taylor Swift: I've Been Slut-Shamed My Whole Life!

There's a new Taylor Swift album in stores at the moment.

That sounds like a very antiquated statement, as music is rarely purchased in stores these days, and most consumers prefer to stream it or otherwise pluck it from the content ether and shove it in their ears.

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Demi Lovato Admits to Feud With Taylor Swift: Life's Too Short For This Sh-t!

Demi Lovato Admits to Feud With Taylor Swift!

Last week saw the release of a new Taylor Swift album, and while fans of good music have already moved on to Lana Del Rey's latest release, fans of petty drama are still dissecting Lover's lyrics in search of clues.

Of course, while there's surely much for Swiftologists to decipher in the their queen's new songs, true to its name, Lover seems to be more inspired by Taylor's relationship with Joe Alwyn than by her many quarrels.

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