Maddie Brown Baby Bump Watch: It's HUGE!

Maddie Brown Baby Bump Watch: It's HUGE!

While one family on Sister Wives may be falling apart, another family is about to increase in size by 33.3%.

And, based on the latest Maddie Brown photo, it looks like this may happen at any second.

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Sister Wives Season 7 Episode 9 Recap: The Truth

Sister Wives Recap: The Truth

There really is never a dull moment on Sister Wives... the cast seems to think so, too. 

That's why TLC thought they would surprise us with a special episode that finds the cast revealing how they felt in the aftermath of some of the crazy developments. 

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Sister Wives Season 11 Episode 8 Recap: Question Time

Sister Wives Recap: Question Time

Following Mariah Brown's announcement about her sexuality, her family continued to show off just how much they supported her on Sister Wives Season 7 Episode 8

The whole family was hanging out at Christine's house and Christine had this idea that they could all ask questions about each other to see just how well they knew one another. 

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