Amber Portwood to Gary Shirley: You Have to Stop Me From Killing Myself!

Amber Portwood to Gary Shirley: Stop Me From Killing Myself!

A lot of different words come to mind when one is tasked with describing Amber -- some of them complimentary, others not so much.

But from her biggest fans to her most bitter detractors, we're sure everyone would agree that the word which best describes Ms. Portwood is "intense."

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Chris Cuomo Diagnosed with Coronavirus; Famous Brother Reacts

Chris Cuomo Diagnosed with Coronavirus; Famous Brother Reacts

Chris Cuomo, a CNN anchor who has been one of the more outspoken and vocal voices on television during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, has now been diagnosed himself with Covid-19.

The cable network personality made the announcement himself on Tuesday afternoon.

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Kate Middleton & Prince William: The Coronavirus Crisis Is Preparing Us to Be King and Queen!

Kate Middleton & Prince William: We're Ready to Take on the Coronavirus!

By now, we certainly don't need to tell you about the coronavirus pandemic or the devastating impact it's having on just about every aspect of life in all corners of the world.

The US -- specifically New York -- is the hardest hit area thus far, but few countries have escaped the effects of this worsening global health crisis.

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Carole Baskin: Murder Investigation Reopened Following Tiger King Uproar?!

Carole Baskin: Murder Investigation Reopened!

The Netflix series Tiger King is a near-flawless piece of documentary filmmaking, but if you'll allow us to engage in a bit of nit-picking, we have pinpointed a couple minor defects:

For one thing, all of the protagonists are so deeply f--ked up that choosing one to root for is a virtual impossibility.

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