Lauren Swanson: FORCED Into Unhappy Marriage With Josiah Duggar?!

Lauren Swanson: FORCED Into Unhappy Marriage With Josiah Duggar?!

When Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson got married back in 2018, their wedding was nearly identical to every Duggar ceremony that preceded it.

Over 1,000 guests were in attendance, and a TLC camera crew was on hand to capture the moment when the couple kissed for the very first time, in accordance with the hyper-strict Duggar courtship rules, which prohibit most forms of premarital physical contact with the opposite sex.

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Kristen Doute: All the Women on Vanderpump Rules Are Bullies ... And That's Why I Bang Their Boyfriends!

Kristen Doute: All the Women on Vanderpump Are Bullies!

Tuesday night's Vanderpump Rules reunion special was different from any in the show's history, and not only because it was conducted over video conference in accordance with social distancing guidelines.

For one thing, it may have been the most exciting episode of the season, so we guess the stars of the show have been searching the #PumpRules hashtag and realizing that viewers have been bored to tears lately.

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Vanessa Morgan Slams Her Own Show: I'm Just the "Token" Black on Riverdale

Vanessa Morgan: I'm Just the "Token" Black on Riverdale!

Vanessa Morgan is sick and tired... and no longer remaining silent about it.

The actress, who portrays Toni Topaz on The CW drama Riverdale, grew empowered enough by the anti-racism protests over this past weekend to take to social media -- and then take down the producers of her very own show.

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Jenelle Evans to Fans: David Eason Is the Racist One, NOT Me!

Jenelle Evans to Fans: David Eason Is the Racist One, NOT Me!

These are tense times in America, and many public figures are showing their true colors with their reactions to the police murder of George Floyd and the resulting protests that have sprung up in cities all over America.

And not surprisingly, folks with long, well-documented histories of bigotry and prejudice -- folks like Jenelle Evans -- are not faring particularly well in the court of public opinion.

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Joseph Duggar & Kendra Caldwell: Are They Being Pressured to Have MORE Than 19 Kids?

Joseph Duggar & Kendra Caldwell: Planning to Have 20 Kids?!

Before we realized the extent of Jim Bob's control-freak megalomania or understood just how bonkers the Duggar courtship rules really are, the one thing everyone knew about the Duggar family was that they are really, really big on making babies.

The other revelations came later, and these days, the Duggars are gawked at for reasons that go well beyond the sheer size of the clan.

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