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Lindsay Lohan: Did She Convert to Islam?

Lindsay Lohan: Did She Convert to Islam?

Over the past couple years Lindsay Lohan has taken her career to a place that everyone saw coming (the gutter), and her persona in a direction that very few anticipated.

Casting aside the washed-up trainwreck image that she's worked so hard to cultivate, Lindsay has adopted a sort of Carmen San Diego-meets-Angelina-Jolie persona, wherein she talks with a fake foreign accent and pretends to understand international politics.

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Malia Obama "Partying" at a Club Will Distract You From the Impending Apocalypse

Malia Obama "Partying" Will Distract You From the Apocalypse

Did you know that if the Affordable Care Act is repealed without an adequate replacement plan, more than half of the American population could be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions?

That has nothing to do with this article; we just wanted to provide a little context for the fact that some folks are freaking out about a college-aged girl going to a party where other people might have been drinking.

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