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Is Beyonce pregnant again?

That's the latest rumor going around about this global superstar, which stands in quite the contrast to the previous rumor, which went around all summer: that a Jay Z and Beyonce divorce is on the horizon.

In the latest series of photos posted to Beyonce's official website, the singer appears to address the break-up chatter, cuddling up with her husband while on vacation in Italy.

But is she also addressing the pregnancy talk by posing in a bikini and showing off a very svelte physique? 

We've examined the following photos closely and nary a baby bump can be found.

What do you think? Is Beyonce expecting another child? Are she and Jay Z meant to be? And just how adorable is Blue Ivy Carter in the final picture listed?!?

The answers to these pressing questions sort of await. Flip around now!

Beyonce with Jay Z
Take these divorce rumors and shove em! Beyonce posted this photo with Jay Z on her official site, sending a clear message to haters in the process.

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Snoop Dogg is under fire for a homophobic slur he apparently made on social media.

The slur appeared on his Twitter and Instagram feeds early Monday morning, when he posted a photo of two men lying in bed together, along with a message.

"U n ya boyfriend since u like Jumpn on my page disrespectn bitch boy go suck ya man n get off my line f. A. G.," said Snoop, who deleted it 30 minutes later.

  • Snoop Dogg Gay Slur
  • Snoop Lion Photograph

So far, neither the rapper nor his reps have commented on the surprising post.

The gay slur, if he indeed wrote it, comes as a surprise for a man who rarely has problems with anyone and who has indicated he supports gay marriage.

"Satisfy yourself accordingly," he said in a recent interview on the subject.

"I have no issues with nobody ... I live for me and I live my life doing what I do, so you should have the right to do whatever you want to do as well."

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Last week, CBS and the NFL nixed plans to use the song "Run This Town" for their broadcast intro for Thursday's Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game.

Yesterday, Rihanna ripped into CBS on Twitter, accusing the network of victimizing her and offering a terse response to their plans to use the planned intro for next week's game instead: "F--k you!"

Rihanna is an Icon

Now, RiRi is going a step further and claiming that the NFL and CBS had no right use her song in the first place.

In fact, she says she only found out that her 2009 collaboration with Jay-Z was to be featured in the broadcast when a friend sent her a press release reporting that it was already a done deal.

In the wake of the Ray Rice scandal that's still sending shockwaves through the league, producers claimed they felt the intro featuring Rihanna's hook, and narration by Don Cheadle would be inappropriately light-hearted.

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The dog in the following video just came off surgery and, like these hilarious dogs, he's stoned out of his adorable mind at the moment.

His owner - for reasons that will forever remain hysterically confounding - has decided to entertain her pet by placing him in front of her computer screen...

... which is playing a Nicki Minaj fart video, which is parodying the famous Nicki Minaj Anaconda video.

It's confusing, we know. But it's also easy to understand once you actually press Play and watch in amazement as Eugene gets mesmerized by Minaj's rear end and the sounds emanating from it.

Who thinks to do something like this? Who knows? Who cares?!?

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Stunningly beautiful model Joy Corrigan is suing Apple for its security protocols being breached, and she says it happened months BEFORE The Fappening.

According to Joy, Apple and it's weak ass iCloud are the reason her nude pictures are now on public display, and she's looking for others to join her in court.

Which could make for the hottest class action suit in the history of law.

Joy Corrigan Bikini Pic
Joy Corrigan is a gorgeous model. Never heard of her? You're welcome.

Joy Corrigan says she was hacked months before Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Kate Upton and Kaley Cuoco nude pics hit the web.

Not only that, she says she reached out to Apple in early July, but the tech giant blew her off, saying she was simply a victim of the tried and true phishing tactic.

Basically, they told her to go kick rocks (and change her password).

She did just that at the company's directive, only to be hacked again and reach out to them again ... and get rebuffed with the exact same excuse.

Fast forward a few months and The Fappening took over 4Chan.

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Think the Charlie Sheen-LeSean McCoy feud is random? 

What about Mayim Bialik dissing Ariana Grande for the way she dresses?

Now it's time to consider the latest Unexpected Feud of the Month, although this rivalry is rather one-sided at the moment.

Following U2 shocking the music world by releasing its new album “Sons of Innocence,” at last week’s iPhone 6 unveiling, Sharon Osbourne took to Twitter yesterday and slammed the iconic band.

The Big (Sharon) O

"U2 you are business moguls not musicians anymore," Osbourne wrote after U2 partnered with Apple to release the aforementioned album. "No wonder you have to give your mediocre music away for free cause no one wants to buy it."

Whoa! Shot fired!

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Over the past few months, THG has introduced fans to Human Barbie and also to a Human Ken Doll.

Now, we're reluctantly here to make readers familiar with Victoria Wild; aka the Human Blow-Up Doll.

Wild is a 30-year old French model who has spent close to $50,000 on a nose job; permanent lip implants; Botox; and THREE boob jobs (taking her to a size 32G) in order to fulfill her dream of resembling a sex toy.

“Who wouldn't want to be treated like a bimbo doll? It's such a sexy look,” Wild tells The Daily Mail. "People stare at me in the street and I love the way I stand out."

She most definitely does stand out, that's not up for debate.

But in a good way? Or a harrowing way? Click through this before photo of Victoria Wild and then a few after-surgery shots and decide whether she made the right call:

Victoria Wild Picture
This is a photo of Victoria Wild before she spent $50,000 to look like a blow-up doll. We wish we were kidding about that.

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Joe and Teresa Giudice have got problems.

They might both be headed to prison soon, which obviously has them worried about how to provide for their four daughters in the coming years.

Teresa Giudice and Family

So Joe and Teresa are selling their $4 million dollar mansion in Jersey, a move they probably should've made months ago, as they might get locked up as early as October 2.

Why did they wait, you ask? Well, for the same reason they do just about everything - to keep up appearances!

Yes, Teresa apparently insisted that the sale of the house be delayed until after filming for the sixth season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey had ended. Riiiight, because that way they'll be able to keep it a secret.

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Castle Season 7 will kick off by posing one pressing question:

Where the heck is Rick Castle?!?

The last time we saw this author/quasi detective, he was on his way to marry Kate Beckett... only for a black SUV to hone in on Castle and take him out.

Beckett was then called to the accident scene, only her fiance was nowhere to be found - and his car was engulfed in flames!

Who caused the crash? Is Rick alive? (Yes, obviously.) What answers will be provided and what kinds of questions created by Castle Season 7 Episode 1, aptly titled "Driven."

Racing Against the Clock on Castle
A promotional photo for ABC's Castle Season 7 Episode 1.

Look for the September 29 premiere to pick right up at the scene of the crime and get your first look at what's to come via the following Castle photo gallery above.

NOTE: Hurry up and watch Castle online via TV Fanatic in order to catch up prior to the premiere. Go!

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In the following video, a father doesn't merely walk his daughter down the aisle on the way to her wedding day.

He actually serenades his grown-up child as he does so, singing a song that's all about parental love and how difficult it is to give her away and ensuring that nary a single eye in the church is dry.

Sweet, sentimental and selfless, right?

Not to everyone. Many comments on the YouTube page of the original video actually accuse the dad of being selfish, arguing that he's making the moment all about himself and seizing the wrong time to show off his voice.

On which side of this debate do you come down? Watch and decide:

Fortunately, there's no argument over just how awesome this Best Man toast is ... or how creative this Eminem-inspired Maid of Honor speech is.

Unanimous verdict: both are awesomely creative!

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