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John Wayne Bobbitt is weighing in on rapper Andre “Christ Bearer” Johnson, who cut off his own penis this week as part of an apparent suicide attempt.

Andre Johnson cut off his penis and jumped off a second-floor balcony in North Hollywood, Calif. Incredibly, he survived this and is in stable condition.

While doctors failed to reattach the member, he will live to tell about this. And if any one person can relate to this kind of trauma, it is John Wayne Bobbitt.

  • John Wayne Bobbitt Photo
  • Andre Johnson the Rapper

In 1993, Bobbitt became something of a tabloid sensation after his frustrated wife Lorena took a kitchen knife and sliced off his manhood as he slept.

While he lay bleeding and wailing on the bed, she tossed his detached penis out into a Virginia field. She quickly caught up with reality and called 911.

The former Marine, then 26, underwent a successful reattachment surgery. Johnson was reportedly not so lucky, but Bobbitt still understands his pain.

"You have got to get lucky," Bobbitt told Fox 411. "It’s about doctors and it’s about time."

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What do Barack Obama, Nicole Kidman, and Justin Bieber have in common? They've all made a sex tape?

They're all left-handed, making them quite elite for more than just politics, movies, and music.

Between 7 and 10 percent of people worldwide are left-handed. Why does that matter?

Well, because quite a few of Hollywood's elite also happen to be southpaws, and an uncanny number of politicians around the globe are too, for that matter.

Take a look at this list of 21 left-handed celebrities to see the one thing that unites them all:

21 Left Handed Celebrities
Lady Gaga might be pointing to her engagement ring from Taylor Kinney here, but she could just as well be showing off the fact that she's left-handed.
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Lady Gaga

1. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga might be pointing to her engagement ring from Taylor Kinney here, but she could just as well be showing off the fact that she's left-handed.

Barack Obama

2. Barack Obama

The POTUS, Barack Obama, is but one of many Presidents who are (or were) left-handed.

Justin Bieber

3. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is left-handed. It's apparently his preferred hand for stogie smoking.

Angelina Jolie

4. Angelina Jolie

One half of famous couple Brangelina, Angelina Jolie is a leftie.

Prince William

5. Prince William

Prince William is left-handed like his dad. Since this seems to be genetic, maybe the Royal Baby will follow in their footsteps.

Sarah Jessica Parker

6. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is a southpaw! That means her alter ego Carrie Bradshaw was too!

Julia Roberts

7. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts' dominant hand is the left one. She probably would've grabbed the Oscar with it if she'd won.

Bill Clinton

8. Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton, grandfather-to-be, is a leftie like so many other Presidents have been

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

9. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

While it's typical for only ONE twin in a pair to be left-handed, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are BOTH lefties.

Tom Cruise

10. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is a leftie. He's also dating Laura Prepon. Those two things probably aren't related at all.

Oprah Winfrey

11. Oprah Winfrey

If being left handed in any way helped Oprah Winfrey become so successful, then we want to be left handed too.

Phil Mickelson

12. Phil Mickelson

Apparently, being left handed gives people a predisposition to being good at golf. That's the case for Phil Mickelson.

Demi Moore

13. Demi Moore

Demi Moore had three babies with ex-husband Bruce Willis. Both of them are left-handed, so there's a good chance their girls are, too.

Bill Gates

14. Bill Gates

Billionaire computer genius Bill Gates is a leftie. Turns out being right-brained is really great for guys like him.

Matt Lauer

15. Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer keeps his mic-hand strong...errr...his left hand. Because he's left-handed.

Jon Stewart

16. Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart emphatically uses his left hand to wave around his pen during tapings of The Daily Show. It's become a thing of his.

Celine Dion

17. Celine Dion

Celine Dion is a Canadian leftie. Not that there's any correlation. She's Canadian AND a leftie.

Nicole Kidman

18. Nicole Kidman

Australian stunner and wife to Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman is a southpaw from Down Under.

Seth Rogan

19. Seth Rogan

Seth Rogan is a southie! Wonder if that's the hand he uses to toke or if he keeps that one free for mocking KimYe?

Bruce Willis

20. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis, currently married to Emma Heming, does not have an expendable left hand. (I mean, who does, really, but still.)

Morgan Freeman

21. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is a leftie. You're reading this caption in Morgan Freeman's voice right now.

Being left-handed is commonly associated with intelligence and creativity, not to mention those terrible ink smears along the side of their dominant hand.

Seriously, what's a leftie have to do to get the right kind of desk around here??

Despite their minority status, left-handed people are more likely to excel in music, math, and sports; based on scientific studies and anecdotal evidence, that seems to hold true. 

Just don't expect Bieber to be a poster child for International Left Handers Day.

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Dexter Roberts hopes to one day return to television.

The artist was eliminated from American Idol last night, but in speaking to a pool of reporters shortly after the announcement was made, he expressed as aspiration aside from singing on stage.

Dexter Roberts Says Goodbye

"I told my mom if I get kicked off sometime, I'm going to get a tepee and go in the woods and just live in the woods for a few days, just get away from the city because I'm all about staying in the woods, outdoors and stuff," Dexter said, adding:

"But I'm going to keep a singing career and hopefully have a hunting show one day - turkeys and ducks and whitetails."

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Reports that Kate Middleton is pregnant are all the rage lately, but while it seems the Duchess of Cambridge is not currently knocked up, sources say she and Prince William are definitely planning to have a second child in the near future.

Kate Middleton With Prince William Image

"Kate isn't pregnant and is focusing on work," says an insider close to the royal couple. "But they want a bigger family in the future."

Rumors that Kate is already carrying baby number two circulated last week, but were dismissed after Kate was spotted drinking wine in New Zealand.

The anonymous source claims Will and Kate are planning a big family with several siblings for little Prince George.

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Take this, Drake Bell!

Following months of being taunted by this Z-Lister, Justin Bieber enjoyed a bit of revenge last night, rolling up to Bell's album release party at Mixology in Los Angeles and causing the crowd to go crazy over his presence.

Bieber then posted a video of the mini prank to Instagram, writing as a caption: "So nice seeing my fans at the grove tonight."

But Bieber wasn't finished.

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If we had to guess what was ruining the Kardashian family we might say their constant need for attention, sex tapes, or terrible rapper boyfriends, but Kris Jenner has a different theory - pranks!

Kris Jenner Paparazzi Photo

Yes, Kris believes the family's current woes are all the result of a diabolical plot perpetrated by an anonymous band of jokers.

According to TMZ Kris thinks the pranksters plan to destroy the Kardashians by spreading rumors, planting fake stories in the media and even making fake restaurant reservations.

In fact, the reports of a Kris Jenner sex tape are just the latest handiwork of this vicious group of bullies...according to Kris Jenner.

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Is Molly Swenson dating Ian Somerhalder? Has he officially moved on from Nina Dobrev?

Was last night's Damon-Elena "we can't be friends" scene on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 18 art imitating life?


Molly Swenson and Ian Somerhalder Photos

While the above photos are 7 months old, it looks totally possible that the two might be dating according to eyewitness reports coming out of LA.

Ian Somerhalder and Molly Swenson were seen stepping out together at the Details Magazine party this week. While the two weren't overly couple-y looking, they did hold hands casually and he made sure to introduce her to everyone.

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Love & Hip Hip: Atlanta star Mimi Faust clearly has no shame about her sex tape with Nikko Smith, nor has she lost her sense of humor. On the contrary in fact.

The Mimi Faust sex tape, scheduled for release later this month, will play a major role in Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 3, a fact not lost on the co-stars.

Mimi’s bathtub tryst, which sparked a national shower rod shortage, became an instant Internet sensation when her sex tape was revealed on April 14.

It also spawned a viral Twitter meme, #mimishowerrodstrongerthan, and its own handle @MimiShowerRod, which Mimi amusingly Tweeted at yesterday.

Clealy, Mimi is feeling pretty confident about her performance on video ...

Mimi Tweet

Pretty funny, you gotta admit. And a fair question. That thing got a workout.

Mimi and her man were spotted last night at Aurum Lounge in Atlanta, looking super into each other. Mimi wasn’t the only one who had eyes for Nikko Smith.

“About every girl in the building was like, ‘Girl, I’d let him f--k me,’” an eyewitness recalls hearing. “You could hear the murmurs of the women in the club."

"They were all chatting about what they’d do to him and how he looked.”

Probably just what the Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta stars want.

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Gwyneth Paltrow is holding on tight to the few people remaining in her life.

A couple weeks after the actress consciously uncoupled from Chris Martin, and a couple days after GOOP CEO Seb Bishop resigned his post, Paltrow has posted a new photo on Instagram.

It's of her and children Apple and Moses on vacation in the Bahamas, a trip the family actually took right before Gwyneth and Martin announced their split.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Kids

"#tbt #luckiestmomever #exumas," Paltrow wrote as a caption to the pic yesterday, throwing it back for Thursday; expressing affection for her kids; and referencing the location of the image.

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Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington may occupy different parts of Westeros on HBO's Game of Thrones, but according to sources on set, the two young actors are spending plenty of time together.

  • Emilia Clarke Red Carpet Image
  • Kit Harrington Image

"Emilia has been telling friends that they would make a cute couple," an insider tells Star magazine. The friend claims Emilia has "fallen hard" for Kit and Harrington recently told her that the the feeling is mutual.

Unlike most shows, GoT films all over the world, so Kit and Emilia reportedly have difficulty squeezing in time with one another.

"He's usually in Iceland or Ireland while she films in Morocco or Croatia," says Emilia's friend. "But you can see those two are on a collision course with romance."

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