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Tim Zickuhr's mug shot, taken after his arrest for kidnapping and extorting money from a hooker, is ... about what you'd expect from someone who did that.

The Ice Road Truckers star is accused of kidnapping, beating and threatening to kill a Las Vegas prostitute named Snow White, according to reports.

This was the booking photo that was taken after Tim Zickuhr was arrested:

Tim Zickuhr Mug Shot

Zickuhr allegedly hired the prostitute in December and gave her his ATM card, telling her to withdraw the money for her services, court papers indicate.

But she reportedly took out too much money.

“I withdrew the $80 I was supposed to and an additional $120 that I wasn’t,” Snow White, real name Lisa Cadeau, said in an email to the N.Y. Daily News.

Zickuhr allegedly went door to door looking for Cadeau, she said in her email, and when he tracked her down, Zickuhr demanded $1,000, she said.

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No offense to Stephen Colbert, but did CBS move too quickly in naming this comedian as a replacement for David Letterman?

We mean... did they even consider Khloe Kardashian for the job?!?

For the second time this year, the reality star guest-hosted Chelsea Lately and - as much as it pains us to say so - Khloe totally kicked some funny butt!

Kardashian joked about the type of men she prefers, made some fun of Justin Bieber and introduced some dancers to mark the awkwardness of Kris and Bruce Jenner's 23rd anniversary.

Watch the monologue now:

As previously mentioned, Khloe guest-hosted this same show in March and also was at the center of an uproarious skit in which she took her mom to court.

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Kode magazine recently featured Lindsay Lohan on its cover, and the reporter she spoke with claims Lindsay drank vodka throughout their interview.

Lindsay Lohan Kode Magazine Cover

Now Lindsay is fighting back against that claim and for once, she actually has a pretty good argument...if it's true.

"Lindsay never spoke to any journalist at Kode," says Lohan's publicist. "The interview was conducted via e-mail."

The folks at Kode, however, aren't taking this one lying down, and for once it seems someone is determined to call Lindsay out for her BS.

"The interview took place and everything stated in the article is fact and came from Lohan herself," says Kode Exectutive editor Jacob Simon. "We have photos chronicling the writer and Lindsay's numerous times together."

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Selena Gomez is already the envy of millions of young women as a result of her relationship with Justin Bieber, but with her latest selfie, the 21-year-old singer/actress/hottie may have earned another feather in her cap:

Queen of Instagram!

Selena Gomez Instagram Selfie

Yes, Selena's naked Instagram photos earned her plenty of press a last month, but her above pic proves Gomez doesn't need to strip down to catch the attention of the entire Internet.

The photo obviously obviously demonstrates what we've always known - that Selena is super hot - but it also seems to send a message to the world that she's all grown up. 

Looking years beyond her Disney days (in a good way) it's hard to believe the mature young woman in this photo still bothers with a juvenile douche like the Biebs.

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What's more rare than Justin Bieber with his shirt on or Kim Kardashian not selling herself out?

A contrite Aaron Sorkin.

But that's the state this producer was in last night at the Tribeca Film Festival, addressing the crowd and taking note of criticism leveled at his HBO series The Newsroom.

Jeff Daniels on The Newsroom

"I apologize and I'd like to start over," Sorkin said of the program, which stars Jeff Daniels as a cable news anchor and which has received backlash for trying to rewrite the coverage of recent news stories.

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After accusing Bryan Singer of sexual molestation, Michael Egan went on to detail similar assaults by other Hollywood executives. Egan is now filing suit against those men, just as he has against Singer.

Egan has revealed more details about the "numerous rapes" by Hollywood moguls that he allegedly endured while still a teenager.

The accused have been identified as Garth Ancier, David Neuman and Gary Goddard, all of them well-known producers.

Egan claims that Ancier sexually assaulted him numerous times at his Encino estate. His suits against Neuman and Goddard allege that both men are part of an underground Hollywood sex ring that preys on teenage boys. 

Egan told reporters at an earlier press conference that 3-4 more suits would follow in the wake of the Singer accusation.

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Bruce and Kris Jenner celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary yesterday.

Kinda. Sort of. Except that the couple is separated and all.

But that didn't stop Kris from telling Bruce she loved him on Monday, nor did it prevent Khloe and Kim Kardashian from sending their best wishes to their mother and step-father.

Jenner Wedding Day

"Happy anniversary to my mommy and my 2nd daddy!! I love you guys! 23 years and 10 kids later,” Khloe wrote on Instagram, including with the message the above photo from this estranged couple’s wedding.

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Everybody has to start somewhere, right? Right. For some of Hollywood's best and brightest, that somewhere is on the playing field and not the movie set. 

Yes, it's true. Many of our favorite stars had aspirations of becoming professional athletes when they were children, just like you probably did. (But not me. I always dreamed of being a rock star. We can all see how THAT turned out.)

You might know that Justin Bieber loves to play hockey, but did you know he's also pretty decent at basketball? And did you know that rapper 2 Chainz was a star high school hoops standout in Atlanta?

Kate Upton, SI model, actress, and all around hottie used to ride horses! And then there's Duchess Kate Middleton who is great at basically everything she does, including besting Prince William in sailing.

Take a look at these 13 celebrity athletes who are probably better athletes than you. And me. (Hey, we're all good at something, right? Right. Let's keep telling ourselves that.)

13 Celebrities Who Are Better Athletes Than You
When he isn't steaming up the screen as McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey likes to heat up the pavement behind the wheel of race cars.
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Patrick Dempsey

1. Patrick Dempsey

When he isn't steaming up the screen as McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey likes to heat up the pavement behind the wheel of race cars.

Denzel Washington

2. Denzel Washington

Before hitting it big in Hollywood and winning two Oscars, Denzel Washington was hitting it big as a basketball player at Fordham University.

Mark Harmon

3. Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon was the starting quarterback at UCLA. He's sort of a quarterback in the NCIS office calling all the plays as Gibbs, right?

Justin Bieber

4. Justin Bieber

In addition to being a singer, dancer, and general douchebag, Justin Bieber is actually quite the basketball player - his mean crossover dribble earned him NBA Celebrity All-Star Game MVP honors!

BONUS! Justin Bieber

5. BONUS! Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber ALSO plays hockey! He once crashed a junior hockey team's practice in Atlanta.

Kate Middleton

6. Kate Middleton

If the Spice Girls ever want to reunite, we volunteer Duchess Kate Middleton as tribute to take over the role of Sporty Spice!

Jason Segel

7. Jason Segel

Jason Segel might not have seen much time on the court, but he WAS Jason Collins' backup in high school. That totally counts!

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

8. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Before becoming a professional wrestler and eventually an actor, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was leading the University of Miami football team to a National Championship title in 1991.

Bruce Jenner

9. Bruce Jenner

It might be hard to believe by looking at him now, but once upon a time Bruce Jenner was an Olympian.

Kate Upton

10. Kate Upton

Before she was walking the runway in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition, Kate Upton was a nationally ranked equestrian. So many bouncing boob jokes about barrel jumping. So little time.

Jessica Biel

11. Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel's soccer training came in handy when she played Mary Camden on Seventh Heaven. Mary was a star soccer player. Biel also took gymnastics as a child.

2 Chainz

12. 2 Chainz

Before he was 2 Chainz, he was Tauheed Epps (also Tity Boi, but we won't talk about that.) Epps was a star high school basketball player at North Clayon High School in Georgia.

Emma Watson

13. Emma Watson

Emma Watson might look petite and unassuming, but don't let that fool you. She's a star field hockey player.

Kaley Cuoco

14. Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco might have bought her boobs, but she earned those abs and arms on the tennis court!

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Lindsey Vonn has recently become very close friends with boyfriend Tiger Woods' ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, according to an unlikely new report.

  • Lindsey Vonn, Tiger Woods Picture
  • Elin Nordegren and Her Children

The reason? One insider says that Elin Nordegren, 34, originally wanted to get to know Lindsey Vonn, 29, because she'd around her children a lot.

Which actually does make sense. The Swedish model and her pro golfer ex-husband, 38, have two kids together, daughter Sam, 6, and son Charlie, 5.

The surprising part? "After meeting her, she found she actually liked her," an insider says of Nordegren, who finalized her divorce from Woods in 2010.

"You'd think it would be weird, but Elin loves Lindsey and the two of them talk all the time," the source adds. "Elin likes that Lindsey is a strong woman."

The source adds that the three went on vacation together, where the women took off on their own to grab drinks together, while Woods stayed with the kids.

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For better or worse, "Human Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova is truly one of a kind.

The whole idea of Barbie, the iconic doll from Mattel, is that she is so universally feminine that every girl in the world can identify with it to some degree.

Valeria took her unparalleled obsession to an entirely new echelon, however.

Whether she's getting countless plastic surgeries, using every photo filter known to humankind or slathering on makeup like it's her job, she strives to BE Barbie.

And subsist on air and light alone ... but that's neither here nor there.

This is more than exacerbating a superficial image. It's a new breed of crazy ... from someone who doesn't believe in breeding between races. The irony.

She's a character. Scroll through 23 Valeria Lukyanova photos below, but be warned: There's no going back, and you may become addicted and/or terrified.

23 Human Barbie Pics: Valeria Lukyanova's House of Horrors
Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie, wants to emulate the doll's appearance in real life.
View As List
Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova

1. Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova

Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie, wants to emulate the doll's appearance in real life.

Valeria Lukyanova Photo

2. Valeria Lukyanova Photo

Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie, poses for V Magazine. Would you hit it?

Valeria Lukyanova (Human Barbie)

3. Valeria Lukyanova (Human Barbie)

Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. the Human Barbie. Kind of a freaky photo from V Magazine.

Valeria Lukyanova (Human Barbie) Photo

4. Valeria Lukyanova (Human Barbie) Photo

Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie, poses for V Magazine. Yes, that is a live person.

Human Barbie Photo

5. Human Barbie Photo

Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie, as seen on Vice.

Human Barbie Pics

6. Human Barbie Pics

Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie, in one of many freaky pics from her Instagram.

Human Barbie Figure

7. Human Barbie Figure

Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie, looking pensive on the beach.

Human Barbie Instagram

8. Human Barbie Instagram

Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie, looking fake as ever in a tight black dress.

Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie

9. Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie

Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie, poses on Instagram. Lovely.

Valeria Lukyanova Pic

10. Valeria Lukyanova Pic

Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie, poses for V Magazine. Hot or not?

Valeria Lukyanova Picture

11. Valeria Lukyanova Picture

Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie, poses for V Magazine. Hot or not?

Valeria Lukyanova Bikini Photograph

12. Valeria Lukyanova Bikini Photograph

Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie, is not a fan of race-mixing. Seriously.

Valeria Lukyanova, Olga Oleynik

13. Valeria Lukyanova, Olga Oleynik

Valeria Lukyanova (left) displays impressive serpent-handling skills with one of her acolytes, Olga “Dominika” Oleynik.

Human Barbie Bikini Pic

14. Human Barbie Bikini Pic

Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie, models a bikini or some lingerie. Would you hit it?

Human Barbie Before and After Photos

15. Human Barbie Before and After Photos

Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie, before and after ... whatever she had done to herself.

Valeria Lukyanova Bikini Photo

16. Valeria Lukyanova Bikini Photo

This Valeria Lukyanova bikini photo is so hot. And by hot we mean weird.

Valeria Lukyanova Bikini Pic

17. Valeria Lukyanova Bikini Pic

Valeria Lukyanova does yoga in one seriously hot photo. You can really see the benefits of how flexible plastic is.

Human Barbie Before & After Pic

18. Human Barbie Before & After Pic

Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova before and after in some crazy weird pics.

Valeria Lukyanova Nude

19. Valeria Lukyanova Nude

Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie, bares all in a vintage photo ... before she Barbied the crap out of herself.

Human Barbie Without Makeup

20. Human Barbie Without Makeup

Can you believe this is what Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova looks like without makeup?

Valeria Lukyanova Bikini Picture

21. Valeria Lukyanova Bikini Picture

Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie, looks so hot in this bikini picture. Well, for her.

Human Barbie Swimsuit Photo

22. Human Barbie Swimsuit Photo

Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie, looks hot in this swimsuit picture. Wearing minimal makeup (for her) helps.

Valeria Lukyanova Bikini Selfie

23. Valeria Lukyanova Bikini Selfie

This Valeria Lukyanova bikini selfie makes her look sort of attractive. If you squint and sort of look away at least?

We have rarely seen a girl who was not a fan of barbie when she was little. The whole concept of Barbie is so feminine that every girl in the world can relate to it to some extent. We understand the attachment but taking it to this level, the obsession depicted in the pictures below, that is insane. The girl in the pictures below got a gazillion surgeries and procedures done on her so that she could resemble a Barbie herself. Talk about portraying a superficial image. This is obsession to the extent of crazy we say. Like Barbie, love her but don’t wear her.
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