On Wednesday, Virginia Roberts - a woman who claims to have worked as a child sex slave for Prince Andrew - accused Bill Clinton of helping conceal the sexual abuse of children that took place on a private island owned by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Today, Roberts has taken her accusations a step further by suggesting that Clinton may have taken advantage of the privacy of Epstein's secluded retreat to engage in sexual misconduct of his own.

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File this one under: "The Continued Bats--t Insanity of Iron Mike"

Sadly, these days, Mike Tyson isn't in the news as much as he used to be, but when does he does show his bizarrely inked-up face on camera, he never fails to leave us shaking our heads and saying, "Wow, that guy is really out of his freaking mind."

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Veronica Partridge, a Christian wife, mom and blogger, has become a viral sensation thanks to a post she wrote about leggings, and why she stopped wearing them.

As the debate over whether or not leggings or yoga pants are acceptable attire to wear (beyond working out, obviously) rages on, Veronica has made her choice.

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ESPN recruiting analyst Gerry Hamilton is in hot water (emphasis on HOT!) after he directed Twitter followers to something a little off topic this week.

While offering an update on ESPN’s 29th ranked football recruit in the country, Roquan Smith, Hamilton accidentally tweeted out a link to ... a porn site.

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After the holidays, Kris Jenner disappeared for a few weeks. The reality star/momager claimed she had come down with a crippling bout of the flu, but several fans noticed a considerable change in her appearance when she re-emerged.

Yes, it's looking like Kris has gone under the knife. Months ago, it was reported that Kris was planning a "top-to-bottom" plastic surgery in order to please her much-younger new boyfriend Corey Gamble. 

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