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Well, at least Victoria's Secret didn't list any outfits under a Fat Girls section of its catalog...

But the lingerie company is still in major trouble today after coming out with advertisements that depict models who supposedly possess the “perfect body.”

Granted, the campaign is really in support of an ideal bra “body,” considering how the photo below touts a “perfect comfort demi push-up."

But it's not hard to see how critics could interpret this image as implying that the women featured in it have the ideal figure... and they've let their feelings on that message be felt via social media.

Perfect Body Campaign Photo

“What gives Victoria's Secret the right to say what a "perfect" body is?? Stop body shaming!!” wrote one Twitter user, while a 22-year old named Frances Black has started a petition at

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Lisa Rinna is the latest celebrity to go makeup-free on Instagram.

The latest member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast went online yesterday and posted a a revealing, all-natural selfie, doing so as part of UNICEF's #wakeupcall campaign, which lends support and awareness to children displaced by the civil war in Syria

Lisa Rinna, No Makeup

"I woke up like this' #UNICEF #WakeUpCall," the actress wrote as a caption.

Countless stars, from Demi Lovato to Bethenny Frankel to Kim Kardashian, have posted make-free selfies online over the years.

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Kim Kardashian has said so many ridiculous things in the past couple of days that an accidental revelation that she's pregnant may have slipped through the cracks.

Yesterday, Kim claimed that she works hard, so that thunderous sound you heard this morning may have been the entire world laughing at once.

Kim didn't stop there, however. She later claimed that Kylie Jenner has not had lip injections.

Then - because why stop when you're on a roll? - Kim said she's cutting back on selfies.

It's a lot of BS for one 48 hour period, so it's not hard to see why no one even noticed that Kim pretty much slipped up and said she's pregnant during an interview in the UK:

Asked about her maternity style around the 2:30 mark, Kim says:

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Bethenny Frankel may be taking this whole Skinnygirl thing a bit too seriously.

The reality star, who is headed back to The Real Housewives of New York City, made headlines this week when she posed for a Twitter photo in promotion of her new Skinnygirl Cocktails book.

"Today my newest book #SkinnygirlCocktails is available wherever books are sold!! Go pick up yours today," she wrote as a caption to the following photo.

Tiny Bethenny Frankel

But followers weren't focused on the book in Bethenny's hands.

Rather, they couldn't stop staring at the lack of bulk around her wait.

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As you might already know, Kylie Jenner is obsessed with Instagram. So when there's some drama in her life (which is always) she addresses it by sharing pics with her millions of followers.

This week she tackled two rumors with a pair of seemingly run-of-the mill family photos:

  • Kylie and Bruce Jenner: Eff Off!
  • Khloe and Kylie Photo

The biggest Kylie kontroversy of the moment involves her rapidly changing face.

That may be why on the same day that Kylie addressed lip injection rumors on Twitter, she posted the lip-centric pic of her  and Khloe on the left.

Of course, despite her last name, Kylie is a Kardashian at heart, so naturally she's involved in more than one controversy at the moment.

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The following video features a number of kittens recreating the smash hit movie Gone Girl, with one cat voicing the character of Ben Affleck and another voicing the character of Rosamund Pike and...

... we had you at "kittens recreating Gone Girl," didn't we?

Courtesy of the genius folks at The Pet Collective, check out thus purr-fect re-enactment now:

This isn't the first time cats have come to life as iconic movie characters.

Remember Guardicats of the Galaxkitty? Or the time a handful of kittens did their version of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer? Talk about something that's disturbing and hilarious!

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Katniss Everdeen is known as The Girl on Fire.

But in the following trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, this beloved literary and big screen character has a message for President Snow:

Are you looking to become The Leader on Fire?

The final new preview that will be released before this blockbuster hits theaters on November 21, the above video features some of the scenes already teased in previous promos.

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If you already have a role model -  like say, Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln - you may want to set them aside in favor of Usher, because dude just set the world on fire with truth and awesomeness.

Usher gave an interview to Billboard magazine recently, and because he's something of a mentor to Justin Bieber, the topic of Bieber being a complete douche came up. 

Justin Bieber with Usher

Rather than just avoiding the topic and pretending he didn't help create a famous millionaire who still feels the need to egg his neighbor's house, Mr. Raymond got in front of it and stopped just short of admitting the Biebs is terrible:

"He's making his own decisions and it's important to show support," Usher said when asked about Bieber. "I can say I'm not happy with all of the choices my friend has made, but I'm supportive of him."

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Earlier this week, we presented readers with the Greatest Dog in the History of the Universe, as one owner has taught his canine to fetch a bottle of beer after hearing just two words.

Now, it's time to meet the Greatest Halloween Costume in the History of the Universe.

For reasons unknown - albeit totally awesome - a mother named Kiersten Essenpreis decided to dress her toddler as Uncle Leo, a somewhat obscure character from Seinfeld best known for greeting his nephew with the simplest of all memorable Seinfeld quotes: "Hello!"

Baby like Leo

Essenpreis and her husband chose to recreate Leo’s look from an episode of Seinfeld in which he had eyebrows drawn on for a doctor’s visit (don’t ask), with Kiersten telling Mashable:

"Surprisingly, he was super chill about the whole thing... At least until we revealed the costume to family [and] friends, and they laughed so hard he got frightened."

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Last week, news broke that June Shannon is dating a convicted child molester named Mark McDaniel.

Since then, there have been numerous stunning revelations about the situation, each more sad and shocking than the last.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Cast Members

First we learned that June's daughter Anna Shannon was McDaniel's victim. Then it was revealed that another daughter, Lauryn Shannon, was forced to watch the attacks.

Now, for the first time, Anna is speaking publicly about her mother's baffling decision to welcome McDaniel back into her life, and the many ways in which the relationship has torn her family apart.

"It's like she's happy," Anna says of her mother in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "She's smiling and giggling when he's around."

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