June Shannon Wishes Fans a Happy Coronavirus, Gets Savagely Mocked By Wendy Williams

June Shannon Wishes Fans a Happy Coronavirus!

Mama June fans are currently experiencing a phenomenon that's sadly familiar to those whose loved ones struggle with addiction.

There are times when the reality star appears to be on the upswing -- but all too often, they're followed by some sort of devastating setback.

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Wendy Williams: Kylie Jenner Dressed Like a Slut at Justin Bieber's Wedding!

Wendy Williams Just Slut-Shamed Kylie Jenner!

It's been quite a humbling year for Wendy Williams, what with her husband's rampant infidelity and the revelation that she's residing in a sober living house following a near-fatal battle with substance abuse.

You might think that those developments would have led Wendy to demonstrate an ounce of compassion for the celebrities whose lives she so eagerly tears apart on her daytime tabloid show -- but that hasn't been the case.

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