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This summer, we heard a lot about Kim Kardashian’s crush on Tom Brady.

They are both household names. They’re both rich, hot, famous PILFs (with the P standing for “Parent”).

Recently, the two had a competitive and flirty-sounding exchange at an exclusive event.

It ended up costing them about $2 million each. But, as the saying goes, people make a lot of mistakes when they’re horny.

Kim Kardashian attends the Kering Caring For Women Dinner at The Pool on September 12, 2023 in New York City. (Joy Malone/Getty Image)

TMZ reports that Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady had a very fun, outrageously expensive time recently.

The two attended the Reform Alliance Charity in Atlantic City over the weekend.

At the Saturday night event, the famous businesswoman and the athlete were both locking horns while bidding on a George Condo painting.

Tom Brady attends the Los Angeles Premiere of Paramount Pictures’ “80 For Brady” presented by Smirnoff ICE at the Regency Village Theatre on January 31, 2023 in Los Angeles. (Getty)

So how did it start? Kim got the ball rolling. The metaphorical ball. Tom Brady would do more with literal balls, because they’re for sports.

Kim placed a bid on the painting for $500,000. That’s quite a sum, for normal humans.

When Tom placed a higher bid, the two found themselves engaging in a bidding war. And it sounds like it was a fairly flirtatious one.

Kim Kardashian may be excited during this July 2023 episode of The Kardashians, but her shoulders are screaming “we got too much sun!” (Hulu)

According to eyewitnesses, Kim and Tom were straight up giggling while exchanging looks during the bidding.

One source (at least) went so far as to describe it as “super fun and flirty.”

Eventually, this extremely expensive (but charitably, we assume, given the event) bidding war came to an end. But it’s not because one of them gave up.

Tom Brady no longer plays football. But he does play the field! (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Normally, the host of an auction is delighted to see a bidding war go on at length. But some would prefer some positive PR and a hefty chunk of change to seeing how far it will go.

Kim and Tom reached the $2 million milestone.

At this point, the hosts of the event intervened. They promised Kim and Tom that they could both receive their very own George Condo painting. Not identical paintings, because that’s not how original paintings work.

According to Kim Kardashian, they “filmed everything” from various dramatic moments of their lives — not holding as much back from The Kardashians viewers as people imagined. (Hulu)

Of course, this isn’t a two for the price of one deal.

(Even though $2 million is, obviously, four times the starting bid)

The offer is that Kim and Tom will each have to pay $2 million … but they’ll each get a painting. That’s as fair as can be. And, this way, everyone wins. It’s not like either of them will miss a seven figure bid.

Tom Brady Celebrates
Tom Brady raises his first and celebrates the Patriots winning the AFC Championship Game over the Steelers in this photo. (Getty)

Just for the record, Page Six reports that their interactions were “friendly,” rather than seeming explicitly flirty.

Those two can overlap. We don’t think that either (extremely reliable) tabloid is lying. Rather, their sources had different impressions.

Maybe seeing a hot rich MILF and a hot rich DILF smile at each other put ideas into one source’s head. Or maybe another just doesn’t pick up on flirting. Who knows? Perhaps even Kim and Tom aren’t sure.