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Teen Mom relationships are a lot to keep up with.

It’s practically a full time job.

You never know who is secretly pregnant with their new boyfriend, who slept with another Teen Mom’s ex, anyone’s relationship status at any given moment

We’re going to be speaking about that last issue today, the on-again, off-again shenanigans that so many of the cast members always do.

Because believe it or not, Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley may be back together.

This news may seem pretty mild — after all, there were never any restraining orders or arrests involved.

But still, the timeline is really, really bizarre.

It was just last fall that the two went public with their relationship, and boy, did they enjoy that.

They did photo shoot after photo shoot together, they made cringy statements left and right about their love, and they even bought a house together just six months after their relationship began.

Or, well, she paid for a house and he put only his name on the deed, but who cares about massive red flags when you’re in love?!

Just a few months after that, in August, Leah and Jaylan announced their engagement via a huge spread for People.

There were tons of photos of the couple, and even photos of Jaylan choosing the ring, which was odd, but yay, love, we guess.

They also gave lengthy statements about the whole process, talking about how they’re going to have children of their own together in addition to Leah’s three daughters from previous relationships.

They were very insistent that their love was forever, that they were going to build an amazing future together …

But two months later, just earlier this month, they broke up.

In a joint statement, they said that “While the last year has been tremendously exciting for both of us, we’ve realized that it’s best we walk separate paths.”

“We are so grateful for the lessons, growth, and memories we’ve had in this relationship.

“So many of you have watched our love story unfold, and we hope that you’ll continue to watch our stories while we move forward as friends,” the statement concluded.

Leah and Jaylan in NYC

That’s weird, right?

There have been rumors that Jaylan wasn’t faithful to her, but it’s hard to say if there’s any truth to that — neither of them have commented on that particular piece of gossip.

But now, two months after the engagement and two weeks after the breakup, Teen Mom fans have noticed signs that Leah and Jaylan may be rekindling their romance.

First, they’re following each other again — some sleuths are claiming that they never unfollowed each other after the breakup, but others claim they definitely did, so this evidence is a little shaky.

Leah Messer and Jaylan

However — and this is the big one — they had both shared posts on their Instagrams announcing their breakup …

… And they’ve both deleted those posts.

So that’s suspicious, right?

As a couple, they’ve been very, very dedicated to sharing their love on social media, so removing those particular posts seems like a very pointed move.

Jaylan Mobley and Leah Messer

They’ve also been very hasty in making big decisions, so would it really be such a huge shock if they changed their minds about the breakup?

It’s all very curious, but they only way we’ll know anything for sure is if Leah does another drunken Instagram live or of they set up yet another photo shoot to celebrate their reunion.

Any bets on which way this will go?