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For months now, Teen Mom fans have been convinced that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her fifth child.

For most of that time, there wasn’t much in the way of evidence supporting this claim.

But now, amateur sleuths of Instagram and Twitter believe they’ve uncovered solid proof that Kail is once again knocked up.

Now, before we go any further, we should note that picking apart someone’s photos and putting their midsection under a microscope in search of signs of an early pregnancy is very creepy behavior.

Fans think Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her fifth child. (Photo via Instagram)

That said, Kail has been on TV a long time, which means millions of people know what she usually looks like.

And assuming these candid photos of Lowry obtained by UK tabloid The Sun are un-doctored, then the former MTV star is no longer in the early stages of her fifth gestational period.

In other words, we were skeptical at first, but we’re now prepared to admit that there’s a very good chance Kail is expecting.

Kail seems frustrated by all the recent pregnancy rumors. (Photo via Instagram)

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that fans had a field day with the photos, which show Kail walking out of a Wawa store in Delaware and sporting what appears to be a baby bump.

“Oh My God, Kailyn pics! Is she pregnant?” one fan commented on Reddit, according to The Sun.

“So every time there’s a rumor she may be pregnant it’s true. I’d put money on it that it’s true,” another added.

Kailyn Lowry in 2022
Kailyn Lowry is pictured here on an episode of Teen Mom 2, courtesy of an installment that aired in 2022. (Photo via MTV)

“I can’t wait for her fifth boy announcement,” a third chimed in.

Other commenters suggested that Kail’s insistence on concealing the truth is indicative of delusions of grandeur.

“We all knew she was pregnant again. She’s trying to pull a Kylie Jenner,” one person wrote.

Kailyn Lowry on Podcast Set
Kailyn Lowry is on the set of her podcast in this photo of the former Teen Mom 2 cast member. (Photo via Instagram)

“If she is pregnant, why does she think she’s Kylie Jenner? Hiding her pregnancy,” another asked.

The criticism there seems to be that Kail believes she’s more famous than she actually is.

But the thousands of people obsessing over the state of her uterus seems to be an indication that Kail is actually quite well-known.

Kailyn on Podcast
Kailyn Lowry is talking here on her podcast. This is a photo from Teen Mom 2. (Photo via Instagram)

She might not be as famous as Kylie, but it makes sense that Kail would want to protect what remains of her privacy as she prepares to welcome her fifth child.

Yes, at this point, we’re prepared to say that Lowry is probably expecting a child, presumably her first one with boyfriend Elijah Scott.

Scott, 24, was a neighbor of Lowry’s, and it appears as though the two of them now live together.

Kail Lowry with boyfriend Elijah Scott. (Photo via Instagram)

Kail and Elijah initially attempted to keep their relationship a secret.

But as we’ve been reminded this week, secrets don’t really exist in Kail’s world!