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Back in the day, Leah Messer got a lot of attention for being the first Teen Mom cast member to have twins.

And now, it looks like she might be welcoming a second set!

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This is a lot of information, so let’s just start at the beginning, OK?


As you likely know, Leah got engaged last month to Jaylan Mobley.

The two haven’t been together terribly long, just over a year, but they do both seem to be very serious about each other.

Serious enough that they’ve already bought a house together, and enough that Jaylan gave Leah’s three daughter’s promise rings after he proposed.

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And in a new interview they did with Entertainment Tonight, it sounds like they’re very serious about planning for their future, too.

Most of this planning at the moment is focused on the wedding, which is apparently going to be a big event.

“At first I was very much like an intimate wedding, and I’m like, Why not? Let’s have a big wedding. Let’s have a big wedding!” Leah gushed.

Discussing the big day further, she said “I think Ali and Aleeah will definitely be bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids.”

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“Ali really wants to be a part of doing the makeup. Doing the makeup, she really does an amazing job. She’s very artistic like that.”

Aleeah, who is usually called Gracie on the show, is more interested in the fashion side of things.

“She is very, very fashion forward with all of that, as she’s mentioned, Vera Wang, we’ll see,” Leah explained. “We’ll see. I know, but she is very, believe it or not, she’s really fashion forward and wants to be a huge part in the dressing everyone.”

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She also said that she’d like for Aleeah to sing at some point during the day, but she’s not sure if she’ll feel comfortable in front of such a large audience.

As for her youngest daughter, Addie, she didn’t say anything specific, but it would make sense for her to be a flower girl if the twins are going to be junior bridesmaids, right?

One particularly important thing that’s going to be happening during the wedding is that Leah is going to be walking down the aisle by herself.

“That’s a big one for me,” Leah said. “It’s empowering for me… I’m going to be nervous. I’m going to be excited, but I know even just looking into Jaylan’s eyes, that’s calming for me.”

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But are we going to be able to see any of this wedding on the show?

“Honestly,” Leah said, “everyone that has watched my story unfold for years now, 13 years, I would love to them to see. They saw the lowest moments. This would be my highest moment.”

“To not be able to share that with everyone, it wouldn’t be ideal. It would not be ideal, but I mean, again, it would depend under certain circumstances. That’s our big day. We want nothing but joy, laughter, family.”

Thankfully, both of the fathers of Leah’s children, Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert, are totally on board with the wedding and Jaylan taking on the role of stepfather.

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“Actually, me and Corey went, we went golfing, and we actually had a discussion about it,” Jaylan told ET. “And he was all good with that.”

“And I’ve also had discussions with Jeremy throughout and after, and he’s always been like, ‘Hey man, I’m just glad you’re the one that’s in my daughter’s life, as becoming that stepdad,'” he said.

“And so for me, that’s just another thing, too, is that when I came into her life, I was like, I wanted to make sure that I had a relationship with their dads, and that’s been amazing, too. And they’ve been all for it.”

He said that “They have been also giving me a lot of wisdom from things that they learned, and so it’s just all been kind of a working thing.”

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And now for the big question … are Leah and Jaylan planning on having children of their own after their wedding is over?

“Yeah,” Leah revealed. “The girls want us to have another girl. I’m definitely open to it. I’m open to it now.”

Jaylan, meanwhile, would be happy with a boy or a girl, but apparently there’s a concern about the possibility of twins.

“Yeah, I’m a twin,” he said. “She’s had twins. So I’m like, we may be asking for more than we can handle. So we’ll see.”

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We’re sure having twins would be a challenge, especially while also raising a set of teenage twins and a kid as sassy as Addie.

But come on, how adorable would that be?!

Congrats again, Leah and Jaylan!