Kody Brown's 5th Wife: What's the Latest?

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Real talk time, Sister Wives fans:

Season 14 of this TLC reality show was terrible.

It was boring, it was repetitive and it made many viewers wonder if the series ought to just be canceled at this point.

Kody Brown Interview Pic

Like all long-running programs, Sister Wives could use a shot of adrenaline, a new storyline, perhaps, even... a fifth wife?!?

Rumors of Kody Brown taking on yet another wife have been circulating for several months now, but speculation is once again running rampant on platforms such as Reddit.

Many fans out there are wondering whether Kody will (spiritually) marry again in order to boost show ratings and also just to spice up his own life.

Will this actually happen, though? What's the latest?

Kody Brown Talks a Lot

Just this week, a Reddit thread cropped up that debated the presence of Mindy Jessop in Kody's life.

She's one of Robyn Brown's cousins and she's often served as a nanny in the past for Robyn's children, hence why Kody has gotten to know her decently well.

Social media users are currently wondering whether she'll soon join the expanded Brown universe.

Kody Brown on the Finale

“So we all know the basics: She is Robyns niece and a live-in babysitter. But what is her story?” a fan wrote on Reddit.

“Based on her looks and clothing, I just don’t see very strict cult-vibe. But also, isnt she a bit old to just be a nanny? Does she have her own life?

"Has she ever had one? Is she still living with Robyn?"

So many weird questions there, but hey: Such is the nature of plural marriage and everyone/everything associated with it, you know?

Brown, Kody

In response to this post, another fan very much in the know quickly responded, revealing that while the Brown family all moved to Flagstaff in 2018... Mindy stayed behind in Las Vegas.

She has apparently since started working at a new business in the city and moved on with her life.

“She only worked for them for 2 years. She has a boyfriend now. She owns a tanning salon in Las Vegas,” this person wrote.

Jessop is not the only person who has been in the mix to be a fifth, however.

Kody Brown for Sister Wives

There was also plenty of talk last year about Leah Marie Brown.

This name has popped up on a few occasions in regard to Kody because it actually showed up on a Wikipedia page in the past, with Leah listed as another Sister Wife.

But that reference was almost immediately deleted and no one has ever seemed to come up with any information on this alleged spouse.

We're guessing it was just a prank or a joke.

Kody Brown with Wives

For his part, Kody has addressed the rumors about a fifth wife, saying in 2019 that he was not looking for a new woman in his life -- and the family wasn’t interested in expanding in that way.

“We’re not even considering it anymore,” he said at the time.

“There was an energy, some kind of spiritual thing, inspiration from God if you will, that the family wasn’t complete [when Robyn joined the family]. It’s not a discussion in the family.

"It’s a door we’ve basically said we’re closing.”

Of course, there's also another possibility:

Forget a fifth wife. Kody could simply replace a current wife with another woman and keep his spouse count at four.

Just this week, after all, Meri Brown posted yet another cryptic message on Instagram that has left many followers to wonder:

Is her marriage to Kody finally over?

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