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On Wednesday, a rumor that Khloe Kardashian was once again pregnant with Tristan Thompson’s baby spread like wildfire on social media.

Anonymous sources came out of the woodwork to confirm the news, with some even going so far as to "reveal" the baby’s gender.

Khloe Kardashian is Pleasantly Surprised

Khloe initially remained silent about the reports, prompting some fans to speculate that she was preparing a big announcement.

Last night, Khloe broke her silence, and while she certainly had a lot to say with regard to the reports of her rumored pregnancy, it wasn’t the ecstatic confirmation so many had expected.

"I don’t go on social platforms much these days AND this is one of the main reasons as to why I stay away," Khloe tweeted.

Smiling with True

"The sick and hurtful things people say. I am disgusted by so many things I am seeing. SMH people swear they know everything about me. Including my uterus. Sick."

Khloe seemed particularly upset about the fans who criticized her for getting back together with Tristan, even though she has not done so, and is apparently not pregnant with his child.

“The nasty things you’re saying about me over A RUMOR!" she continued.

"I have seen so many hurtful/despicable stories and tweets about me over a false story. And if it were true … it’s MY LIFE, NOT YOURS.”

Sources close to the reality star say she was deeply upset by the social media response to yesterday’s pregnancy rumor.

“Khloe is frustrated and tired of the rumors regarding her and Tristan and her being pregnant,” one insider tells Us Weekly.

“She wanted to address the fact that she’s not pregnant with his child and clear up any misconceptions.”

In particular, it seems Khloe was irritated by demands that she apologize to former family friend Jordyn Woods, whom Tristan cheated with last year.

Khloe Has Lost It

News of the pregnancy came on the heels of reports that Khloe and Tristan “are very much acting like a couple” while self-isolating together with their daughter.

According to Us’ source, “They are being affectionate, and Tristan has been very attentive.”

Khloe seemed to confirm that she and Tristan are planning to have a second child on recent episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians,

She told her sisters that the Cleveland Cavs star “will do whatever I want to do” with regard to giving daughter True a younger sibling.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on Halloween

She even went into detail regarding the in-vitro fertilization process she was undergoing, using sperm donated by Tristan.

"I’ve been doing hormone injections for about five days," Khloe told her sisters during the episode.

"Dr. Huang was saying that the bonus of doing embryos, you get to see, like, what are your stronger embryos, which are healthy, you get to already know all that…" she said, adding: 

"Which, I do have a sperm donor."

Khloe and Tristan's Thanksgiving

Khloe has not stated definitively that she is no longer planning to have another child with Tristan.

But it seems she is not currently expecting her ex’s child.

Although it’s worth noting that at no point in her tweets did she explicitly specifically deny it.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated as further information becomes available.