Andrew Glennon Claps Back at Shawn Portwood: Your Sister Is an Abusive Maniac!

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Earlier this week, Amber Portwood's famously naive brother Shawn Portwood defended his sister's 2019 attack against Andrew Glennon.

Despite ample evidence of a prolonged, violent assault, Shawn downplayed the situation, claiming that Amber had done nothing more than "throw a flip-flop."

Shawn Portwood

Responding to fan arguments that Amber should publicly apologize for assaulting Glennon with a machete, Shawn -- who was not present at the time of the attack -- launched a tirade in his sister's defense.

"I'm sure a lot of people will say I'm victim shaming again," Shawn wrote on Twitter.

"But I would not publicly apologize to [Andrew] for anything."

Shawn went on to claim that Amber is guilty of "nothing more than throwing a flip flop at him."

Amber Portwood Gives an Interview

He argues that negative reports to the contrary a resulf of the fact that "everybody doesn't know the entire story they know his story."

"I am tired of being persecuted for trying to be a supportive brother to someone who really needs support right now," Shawn ranted on.

"Especially when I have repeatedly said that I did not condone her negative actions," Shawn writes. "I love my sister so everyone can really just kiss my ass."

Given that Portwood was arrested for assault and very nearly went to prison for the attack, it's safe to assume that police and prosecutors found evidence of more than a simple flip-flop tossing.

Amber Portwood Up in Arms

Asked why Amber pled guilty when she was -- as Shawn claims -- the real victim in all of this, Shawn insisted that the plea was simply a legal maneuver.

“[She] pled guilty to intimidation for throwing a flip flop," Shawn wrote, insisting that the footwear-flinging didn't occur “while [Andrew] was holding her son either.”

Not surprisingly, Amber took a dim view of Shawn's nonsensical Amber defense.

“If you look at the time on the front door Ring cam [footage] of her hitting me with a shoe and me leaving the house a second time to let her cool off versus when I contacted the police for the deadly weapon attack, you’ll see they are 3+ hours apart,” Andrew told The Ashley's Reality Roundup this week.

Andrew Glennon and Shawn Portwood

“For one to downplay the trauma that I am still trying to process is disgraceful.”

Andrew currently has full custody of James, his 1-year-old son with Amber, but Portwood is allowed supervised visits of the child.

When fans ask about Amber's long history of violence and the fact that this is not her first arrest for domestic assault, Shawn generally goes suspiciously silent.

It seems that on some level, even he's aware that his sister is an abusive maniac.

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