Kody Brown: Has He Found His 5th Wife?!?

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Kody Brown is allegedly thinking the fifth time may be the charm.

Amid chatter that many of his marriages are falling apart, a celebrity gossip tabloid report claims Brown is not about to sit idly by and allow these romances to fizzle out.

Or maybe he is.

Either way, the point of this report remains the same: The Kode Man is looking to expand his gigantic family and add yet another woman into the mix.

Why do this? And have we actually learned the identity of this alleged fifth wife?!? Maybe.

Scroll down to find out...

1. How Many Wives Does This Guy Need?!?

How Many Wives Does This Guy Need?!?
That's a great question. As of this writing, he has four: Meri, Christine, Robyn and Janelle.

2. Wow!

We know, right?!? He also has 18 kids spread among all these wives.

3. And Things Aren't Going Well?

And Things Aren't Going Well?
The marriages remain intact, but there's been constant chatter for a long time now about how this situation simply is not feasible.

4. Take Meri, For Example

Take Meri, For Example
Back in 2015, she tried to find a new man online -- only to be publicly humiliated when she got caught in a "catfishing" scandal after learning the person with whom she had been flirting was not actually wanting to date her.

5. What About Christine?

What About Christine?
There has been plenty fo talk that this relationship might also be coming to an end.

6. Is Kody Wearing His Wedding Ring?

Is Kody Wearing His Wedding Ring?
Not all the time, at least one report claims.

7. And Now We Have a New Reason to Doubt His Loyalty

And Now We Have a New Reason to Doubt His Loyalty
“For a guy with four wives and almost two dozen kids, Kody’s acting like he’s on the lookout,” a source tells In Touch Weekly, echoing past rumors that he isn't content with just four wives.

8. He Really Wants Another?!?

He Really Wants Another?!?
Supposedly. According to this insider at least, who continues as follows: “Kody wouldn’t mind having a fifth wife. That’s what friends close to the polygamist father of 18 kids are all buzzing about."

9. Who Could/Would This Woman Be?

Who Could/Would This Woman Be?
Simple, the rumor mill claims: Leah Marie Brown. Last spring, there was a surprising addition to the Brown family’s Wikipedia page. The list of adults in the family included someone named Leah Marie Brown, with a birthday of September 15, 1990, and a wedding date to Kody of February 20, 2019.

10. Wait, WHAT?!?

Wait, WHAT?!?
To be clear, of course, anyone can edit a Wikipedia entry. This could mean nothing at all and we've heard nothing about Leah from Kody of course. (This entry has since been deleted.)

11. Who is Leah Marie Brown?!?

Who is Leah Marie Brown?!?
No one seems to know. There's an author named Leah Marie Brown but she has been publishing under that name since well before the alleged wedding date, so unless her maiden name was also Brown, chances are she isn’t a new addition to this family

12. Are There Signs of a New Wife?

Are There Signs of a New Wife?
Not yet. Kody and his four wives moved in 2019 to Flagstaff, Arizona and, as recently as Christmas Eve 2019, were talking about building one giant house there for all four families. Kody never mentioned a fifth.

13. Here's the Thing, Though:

Here's the Thing, Though:
Kody has shown us the blueprints for his dream polygamous palace, and it includes a private room for Kody. He did NOT have one of these spaces in Utah, which is why some fans think this could end up being a bedroom for that rumored fifth wife.

14. Not Single. But Ready to Mingle.

Not Single. But Ready to Mingle.
"He’s 50 and he says he’s happy at this stage of his life, but some people are noticing that Kody has a new outlook, and that could spell trouble," the magazine concludes.

15. Does He Really Need Another Wife?

Does He Really Need Another Wife?
God no. But the anonymous informant wonders if Kody is"bored," says he has been “looking thinner” and adds that “he goes to the gym regularly, with his long hair in a hip man bun.” We guess that might appeal to some women out there.

16. A Plot Twist!

A Plot Twist!
If Kody can hardly handle life with four women at home, why would he want to even try a fifth? "Adding another wife would certainly give him, and Sister Wives, some renewed interest," the article states, hinting that it would be a ratings ploy.

17. Then Again, Maybe It Won't Be a Fifth Wife...

Then Again, Maybe It Won't Be a Fifth Wife...
... but a replacement for Meri. "It’s a matter of trust,” Kody said on the recent Sister Wives tell-all special, admitting he and Meri are not on perfect terms and adding of the family moving to Arizona: "We’ve left [all issues] behind us.”

18. Do You Concur, Meri?

Do You Concur, Meri?
“I totally agree. You know, it’s like we left that bad, funky energy in Las Vegas, we’re moving on... We’re moving forward, and it’s done," she said on air.

19. Not Going Anywhere

Not Going Anywhere
Meri was asked in early 2020 about her future on the TLC show and said she is a "Sister Wife for life," hinting pretty strongly that she has no plans to exit this unique marriage.

20. Divorce Rumors Abound, However

Divorce Rumors Abound, However
To be fair, though, there have been magazine cover stories such as the one above for years and years -- and the relationships are still going sort of strong.

21. Divorce Papers?

Divorce Papers?
Nope, never, despite this allegation.

22. Two New Wives?!?

Two New Wives?!?
As you can see, this isn't even the first time the idea of a new wife for Kody has been floated.

23. See Ya, Kody!

See Ya, Kody!
Nope. Contrary to this headline, none of the wives have left.

24. No Dumping Here

No Dumping Here
When will the tabloids learn? Not any time soon, evidently.

25. Come On, Though, Right?

Come On, Though, Right?
This really does seem akin to a cult. We'd love nothing more than to see the wives realize they can do much better and move on with their lives, sans Kody.

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