Jinger Duggar: Spotted Hiding a Baby Bump on Instagram?!

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Jinger Duggar has been viewed as the resident rebel in her family for several years now.

But it's worth pausing to consider the extent to which Jinger's recent actions have defied her parents' ultra-traditional worldview.

Ginger Duggar

The "rebel" talk began when Jinger started wearing pants, a direct violation of the infamous Duggar dress code.

Little did fans know that that was just the beginning.

Earlier this year, Jinger relocated her family to Los Angeles so that her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, could study at a SoCal divinity school.

That might not seem like such a rebellious move, but Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were so upset they reportedly disowned Jinger.

Jinger in the Kitchen

Anyway, for all the many ways that Jinger has thumbed her nose at her parents evangelical beliefs, perhaps none has created such a stir among fans as her decision to wait almost a year between getting married and getting pregnant for the first time.

Again, not a big deal in any sane part of the world, but a very big deal in Duggar Land.

Duggar girls are taught from a young age that procreation is their primary reason for being, and not only did Jinger hold off on starting a family, it's been 18 months since she welcomed daughter Felicity, and there's been no news of a second pregnancy.

Again, this is very unusual for a young Duggar woman.

Jinger Duggar on Thanksgiving

Which is one reason that fans think Jinger will be making a big announcement during the holidays.

Another reason is that they think they detect a baby bump in the photo above, which was posted on Thanksgiving.

We like jumping to conclusions as much as anyone, but frankly, we're not seeing it.

Yes, Jinger is wearing dark clothing and her arm is obscuring our view of her midsection, but that doesn't necessarily mean she's going out of her way to conceal signs of pregnancy.

Jinger Duggar Anniversary Pic

After all, if that's what she wanted to do, why wouldn't she just crop the pic so that we don't see her midsection at all?

Again, fans have an answer for this one, and they believe Duggar women like dropping subtle hints that they're pregnant before they make the official announcement.

Honestly, that could be the case.

It wouldn't crack the top 1,000 on the list of weird crap about this family.

Jinger and Jeremy and Child

On a recent episode of Counting On, Kendra Caldwell asked Jinger point-blank if she's planning to have another baby soon.

Jinger gave a very un-Duggar like answer, responding that there are no immediate plans, and giving the impression that she's fine with either outcome.

She later said in her interview segment that she doesn't think it's rude for people to inquire if she's pregnant.

That's good because hundreds of people are doing exactly that on Jinger's Instagram page as we speak.

Jinger and Jeremy Attend a Soccer Game

As for whether or not Jinger is feeling any pressure from her family to procreate, we think it's safe to say she'll only be having more kids if that's what she wants to do.

While she's still active with her family's media empire and continues to film Counting On scenes from her new home on the coast, the mother of one is very much doing her own thing these days.

Some fans even think Jinger shaded her parents for having too many kids when she liked an Instagram comment about the younger kids being neglected. Now that's shade!

Jinger Duggar and Cute Family

It's possible, of course, that folks are reading too much into a simple like.

But as with all things Duggar, we prefer the most dramatic interpretation of the situation.

As for where Jinger stands with her parents, they finally visited her in LA in October, so we guess they're back on speaking terms.

Even so, it's a safe bet that the Vuolos won't be makig a trip to Arkansas for the holidays.

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