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The ladies of the Duggar family are known for subservience and commitment to their parents’ strict set of moral guidelines.

But they’re also young, famous women — women branching out on their own in a world where female independence is valued much more than it was in the day.

And the daughters of Jim Bob and Michelle seem to take pleasure in expressing their newfound freedom through fashion.

The acts of sartorial rebellion began when Jinger Duggar started wearing pants, and it’s been escalating from there.

Granted, we have a very long ways to go still.

Rebellion is usually modest in Duggars’ world. Still, progress is progress. See some of J-squad’s most revealijg outfits below:

UPDATE: We’ve added some of the latest risqué pics from the sisters’ social media pages … and wow. Just wow.

Looks like Jim Bob’s rules are officially a thing of the past!