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West coast here they come!!

Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo are waving goodbye to Laredo, Texas and hello to Los Angeles, California.

Fans have been predicting the big move for quite a while now and well, it is finally happening. 

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Throwback
Photo via Instagram

"In recent days, God has made it overwhelmingly clear to us that he is leading us out of Laredo," the couple told People in an interview.

"Through much prayer and counsel, the next step for our family is to relocate to Los Angeles to attend Grace Community Church as Jeremy pursues graduate studies at The Master’s Seminary." 

At least fans and father Jim Bob can rest well knowing they have already checked off the most important bullet point on their to-do list, finding their new church home. 

Jinger Duggar Goes to Church in Pants
Photo via Instagram

"As excited as we are to begin this new adventure, leaving Laredo this July will be one of the hardest things we’ve ever done; our friends here have become like family," they said. 

"Please pray for us as we both open this new chapter of our lives." 

After Jinger and Jeremy’s wedding in November of 2016, they packed up their bags (& bibles) and moved from the Duggar family home in Arkansas to Laredo, Texas

Jinger Duggar on Wedding Day
Photo via Instagram

After being settled in the Lone Star State for a year, the duo welcomed their first child together, daughter Felicity Nicole on July 19, 2018. 

"God is so kind," Jeremy said in a statement at the time of the birth of quite possibly the cutest Duggar baby.

But you didn’t hear that from me. 

Felicity Vuolo Is 8-Months-Old
Photo via instagram

"Both mom and baby are healthy, doing great and resting well. We are very thankful for her safe arrival and look forward to life as parents!" Vuolo added.

And now the cute little family is ready to ride the wave to their new home.

The reality star and the former pro soccer player have already found a few places they love in their new neighborhood. 

Jinger Duggar: Ready to Pop!
Photo via Instagram

During a recent trip to SoCal, they documented their time spent at The Getty art museum, the Huntington Library Botanical Gardens, and Steeple House coffee shop. 

Imagining a Duggar in La La Land is honestly pretty comical. 

But if anyone can do it, it’s definitely the one who first decided to break family tradition and wear pants

And besides, Jinger has already relocated out of Arkansas, making her clearly the most interesting and rebellious Duggar child. 

Jinger Duggar in Sweatpants
Photo via Instagram

Jim Bob was not thrilled with their decision to flee their home the first time, according to insiders. 

Some even say he holds a grudge towards Jeremy, so we can’t even imagine how angry he is now. 

Either way, Jinger has no time for negative vibes — she’s got lots of packing to get to!  

We can’t wait to watch their big move play out on future episodes of TLC’s Counting On and we also can’t wait to watch little Felicity grows up as a somewhat native Cali girl. 

Felicity Vuolo Has Big Blue Eyes
Photo via Instagram

We think she will have quite a different upbringing than her mother did back on the family farm in Arkansas. 

Maybe she will be a pro surfer, or an actress or a photographer?! 

The possibilities are endless for the Vuolo fam. 

* Cue California Dreamin’ *