Jinger Duggar: Shamed By Her Family For Living a "Modern" Lifestyle?

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When Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo, her family suspected that this would not be the typical Duggar union.

In many important ways, Jinger and Jeremy were defiantly different from her siblings and their spouses.

Even more distressing for Jim Bob was the fact that the young couple seemed to have no interest in eventually conforming to the Duggar way of life.

No doubt the Duggar patriarch braced himself for frequent acts of defiance from the Vuolos.

But it seems unlikely that Jim Bob anticipated the extent to which Jinger and Jeremy would break from tradition and blaze their own trail.

The Duggars like to create the impression that they've come to accept and embrace the Vuolos differences.

But as this week's episode of Counting On reminded us, that's very much not the case:

1. LA Woman

LA Woman
Jinger Duggar was featured prominently in this week's episode of Counting On. And several scenes reminded us of the many ways in which her life is markedly different from those of her sisters.

2. West Coast-Bound

West Coast-Bound
These days, Jinger resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and their daughter, Felicity. The Duggars were not pleased with the relocation, but more on that later ...

3. The Texas Twosome

The Texas Twosome
At the time that last night's episode of Counting On was filmed, the Vuolos were still living in Laredo, Texas. (Come to think of it, the Duggars weren't thrilled with THAT relocation, either!)

4. Father-Daughter Project

Father-Daughter Project
The episode kicked off with Jeremy and Felicity working on a craft project for Mother's Day.

5. Not a Bad Idea

Not a Bad Idea
Basically, Jeremy covered Felicity in paint, rolled her around on a canvas and handed the resulting work of art to Jinger.

6. More Than Meets the Eye

More Than Meets the Eye
It might seem like a throwaway scene, but really, the project highlighted two interesting ways in which the Vuolos are living a lifestyle that's very different from that of Jinger's siblings.

7. Different Priorities

Different Priorities
For one thing, the Duggars typically eschew arts and entertainment that aren't directly related to their religious beliefs. As a result, you won't find anyone painting in Jinger's childhood home, unless it's a portrait of Jesus.

8. The Division of Labor

The Division of Labor
And you certainly won't see any Duggar men taking a hands-on approach to child-rearing, such as what we see from Jeremy in this scene.

9. Nice Try, Ben

Nice Try, Ben
In order to highlight these differences, producers ask other Duggar siblings and spouses, such as Ben Seewald, to identify what genre of painting Felicity and Jeremy have created. They all come up blank.

10. NOT Asking the Tough Questions

Not surprisingly, Ben and company were not asked how they feel about Jeremy taking such an active role in his child's life.

11. Surprise Visit

Surprise Visit
Shortly thereafter, we see Joe and Kendra Duggar pop in on Jinger and Jeremy in Laredo.

12. Odd Couple Out

Odd Couple Out
The stated purpose of the trip is for Joe and Kendra to help Jinger and Jeremy prepare for their move to LA. But again, it seems the true goal is to highlight the Vuolos many differences in front of a camera crew.

13. The Eternal Question

The Eternal Question
First, Kendra asks Jinger if she's planning to have more kids. Hilariously, Jinger bucks tradition by responding, "Who knows?”

14. Not Reading From the Script

Not Reading From the Script
Duggar women are supposed to say they intend to have as many children as God will allow them, but it seems Jinger isn't a fan of that well-worn line.

15. An Awkward Meal

An Awkward Meal
Later in the episode, Jinger and Jeremy take Kendra and Joe out to dinner in order to thank them for helping with the move. Again, the culture clash is on full display.

16. Showing the Town

Showing the Town
The Vuolos identify the place as their favorite restaurant, but Joe and Kendra are clearly unimpressed.

17. Relax, Joe

Relax, Joe
At one point, Joe makes a snide comment about how formally the waiters are attired. Someone tell this kid he's in Laredo, not Paris.

18. Really, Guys?

Really, Guys?
Joe and Kendra go on to marvel at the menu. The couple is baffled by such fairly-pedestrian items as red snapper.

19. Trying New Things

Trying New Things
Joe and Kendra eventually agree to eat frogs legs and are pleasantly surprised by the experience. They're later chagrinned, however, to learn they've eaten grasshoppers in a separate dish.

20. Cast Out of Arkansas

Cast Out of Arkansas
Again, all of this seems designed to subtly "other-ize" Jinger and Jeremy. It's a way to remind both Counting On viewers just how different the Vuolos are compared to the rest of the family. And it doesn't end there.

21. Good Times?

Good Times?
After dinner, the Vuolos and the Duggars continue their tour of Laredo, and they eventually catch a live performance of a mariachi band.

22. Of Course They Don't

Of Course They Don't
We probably don't need to tell you that this is not the sort of entertainment the Duggars approve of.

23. Here We Go ...

Here We Go ...
Yat again, producers underscore just how different Jinger and Jeremy are by cutting to Jim Bib and Michelle who outline the types of music that are acceptable in the Duggars' world.

24. Gross

Jim Bob explains that because the Duggars forbid dancing, they also prohibit any music with a "rock beat" that might inspire involuntary “jiggling around.” Yes, he really said that.

25. Mending Fences

Mending Fences
In the real world, the entire Duggar family recently visited Jinger and Jeremy in LA. They made the trip after an extended period of limited contact, during which it was rumored that Jinger had been disowned by her parents.

26. Passive-Aggressive Parenting

Passive-Aggressive Parenting
Jim Bob, of course, has a ton of control over what TLC presents on camera, so you can be sure this episode was his subtle way of reminding Jinger that he still doesn't approve of her lifestyle.

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