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As Tori Roloff has so bravely admitted, the Little People, Big World star has been struggling on occasion with postpartum depression.

This is a real issue and a very personal one and we feel for the mother of two, who welcomed daughter Lilah into the world back on November 19.

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If you’re keeping track, that means the newest member of this precious family just turned a month old.

And, to celebrate the milestone, Tori has jumped on Instagram to share yet another adorable photo of the newborn, as well as a lengthy update on all she can do these days and all she has already accomplished.

"This sweet thing is one month old today! No clue how that happened! We have loved getting to know our Lilah Ray this past month!" wrote Roloff as a caption to this image down below:

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She then provided a very welcome and very helpful Lilah update, one that includes the following tidbits:

Lilah LOVES bath time.

She has grown 2 inches!

She could out toot a grown man.

Lilah loves going out and has already been to the zoo!

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That isn’t all, however, according to this proud and clearly quite excited parent.

"She is a mamas girl right now," adds Tori, and: "She wakes up every 3-4 hours at night."

"Overall Lilah has been a pretty easy going girlsie. She’s worked her way into our family flawlessly and we are just enjoying our time with her so much," the veteran TLC personality says.

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Zach and Tori previously sat down for a video in which they officially introduced their little girl to viewers, while telling folks that Tori pushed for the child’s name and that she arrived a tad bit early.

The couple also confirmed that Lilah is a dwarf.

Tori, meanwhile, concluded this post by sending a message of gratitude to her followers:

Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement and just loving our family through this new and exciting season of life! We love you Lilah girl!!

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Up next for the Roloffs?

Audrey and Jeremy are set to welcome their second child, a boy, into the world shortly after the new year.

We can’t wait to meet Lilah’s cousin!

As for what the immediate future holds for Tori and Zach, it seems the couple is very much looking forward to their first holiday season with little Lilah.

And as usual, they’ll be keeping fans updated on all of their celebrations.

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Tori already revealed that her family almost died buying their Christmas tree this year.

Fortunately, they were never in any actual danger, and there was never a real risk of Lila becoming an orphan.

Hey, we don’t blame Tori — a dramatic opening sometimes helps draw some attention to an otherwise standard Instagram post.

The holidays, of course, can be a hard time for those struggling with depression, but fortunately, it seems that Tori is sorrounded by loving support.

We wish the entire Roloff clan a happy holiday and a prosperous 2020!