Jinger Duggar: Shading Her Parents for Having Too Many Kids?!

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So Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have a whole lot of children.

You probably knew that already -- it's kind of their whole thing.

Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle on Instagram

They have 19 kids, and although Michelle is a little too old now for the "and counting" part, they've definitely said they'd have more if they were biologically capable of it.

They're also guardians to their nephew, Tyler, and even though he didn't spring forth from Michelle's tired womb, he's part of the family too, so let's just say they've got an even 20, all right?

A good few of them have left the nest -- Josh, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, and Joy-Anna all have families of their own now.

Jedidiah claims he has his own apartment, but lots of people think that he still lives at home and just says he lives on his own for the sake of his burgeoning political career.

Jed Duggar

So that leaves Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Tyler, Jordyn, and Josie still at home, along with big sister Jana, of course.

And that's still just a whole, whole lot of kids.

So many that you have to wonder how Jim Bob and Michelle manage to take care of them all.

The answer is clear if you've been keeping up with the Duggars for a while -- the bigger kids help to raise the smaller kids.

So... Many... Babies

Or really, they just raise them altogether, as we've rarely seen Jim Bob and Michelle do much of anything when it comes to actually caring for their children.

Throughout the years, we've seen the older Duggar girls essentially parent their younger siblings, to the point where they're the ones the kids go to if they need something or if they get scared or hurt.

These days, now that everyone is getting older, it looks like Jana pretty much just keeps an eye on everyone.

She even shares a room with her four little sisters (she'll be 30 next month, by the way).

Jana Duggar on Counting On: A Photo

It's just all so bizarre and unfortunate and sad, isn't it?

And believe it or not, it looks like Jinger feels the same way.

Many followers of the show always believed that Jinger could be the one to break free from her family's lifestyle, and in a way, she has.

She lives in L.A. while the rest of the family remains in Arkansas, and she only has one child.

Jinger Duggar on Thanksgiving

She also wears pants and has even dyed her hair. She's a rebel, that Jinger.

Earlier this week, her little sister, Jordyn, turned 11, and Jinger posted a photo of her on Instagram.

"Happy birthday to my little sister, Jordyn!" she wrote in the caption. "Hope you have a joyful and unforgettable day, filled with everything you love most."

That's nice and all, but it was in the comments where things got really interesting.

Jinger Eating a Donut

Someone responded to Jinger's post by writing "She is so precious ... she never got to be a baby due to Josie's early arrival yet she never was resentful but instead was sweet and loving. She's such a sweetie."

And Jinger liked that comment!

She only liked a few other comments, too, so it seems like she was reading them ... and this is interesting, right?

Josie was born less than a year after Jordyn was, and since she was so premature, she required a lot of extra attention and care.

Jinger and Michelle Reunited

Quite a few followers of the family thought that it was selfish of Jim Bob and Michelle to continue having so many children, especially as she got older, and it seems like that's the gist of the comment on Instagram.

So does Jinger agree? Does she think her parents had too many kids to properly care for?

Maybe, maybe not. It's really hard to say.

But it is interesting that once people started noticing that she liked that comment, she quickly unliked it.

Jinger in the Kitchen

Did she like it by mistake? Did she like it thinking no one would notice, then unliked it when it started getting attention?

Or did she just like it in the first place because she thought it was a nice comment about her sister and not something negative towards her parents?

Again, it's hard to say.

But there is a chance that she's being critical of her parents' super questionable choices with this, and that's pretty great all on its own, right?

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