Farrah Abraham BRUTALIZES Young Girl in Epic Freakout

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Farrah Abraham is delusional, frightening, woman-hating, and all sorts of upsetting to think about, but now she can add "bully" to her list, too. 

(If, you know, it wasn't already there for some inane reason.) 

Farrah Abraham: Blonde on Facebook

Farrah positively flipped on one of her employees at her Froco franchise, a manager by the name of Kiana, and it ... it was really uncomfortable. 

There's nothing like being fired, for one, but there's also probably nothing like being fired by Farrah Abraham, all while being filmed. 

Check out the video: 

In the clip, Farrah disciplined Kiana and said:

"You need to be more in touch with yourself to know, 'Hey, is this something I am going to get frustrated with,' 'Can I do this?' "

"You neeed to be allowing to open yourself up to be like, 'How can I do this different, because what I'm trying is not working,' " she nonsensically spat. 

When the teen tried to defend herself, Farrah spoke over her and said, "Kiana, how am I supposed to have a manager here who cannot simply open things, clean up after themselves, figure things out?" 

The employee - again - tried to reason with Farrah, but you can't reason with one who has no reason, much like you can't reason with a piece of plastic.

M.O.M. (Made of Money)

Naturally, Abraham got all fired up, told the girl to turn in her uniform, and that she was "severancing" their relationship. 

Perhaps Farrah should head back to the ol' grammar school (or charm school?) before she reams someone's ass out.

That would be a good lesson all the time, but especially when it comes to cleaning out a damn frozen yogurt machine. 


Farrah Abraham is So Real

Farrah might have better sense in not bullying those "beneath" her, as her daughter, Sophia, is often the butt of abuse on social media. 

Recently, seven-year-old Sophia was targeted on Instagram for having the bad sense to have kid teeth without braces.  

Yes, the younger Abraham was called ugly, as well as referred to as a "gremlin" by hateful commenters. Just sickening.

Is this the kind of world we live in nowadays?  

If anything, you'd think the 25-year-old would be a little kinder and more accommodating to those choosing to be affiliated with her. 

It's not like she has this great brand outside of pornography or anything. But then again, it's not like she has self-awareness either.

That's Farah Abraham for you.

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