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Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is easily the worst celebrity parent out there … but

What happened to her seven-year-old daughter, Sophia, is probably the worst thing we’ve ever heard when it comes to the Backdoor Teen Mom.  

Sophia Abraham Bullying Cheerleading Photo
Photo via Instagram

See that adorable, innocuous photo there? 

That’s Sophia, and as you can see, she won the cheer stick for being the greatest cheerleader in the history of all cheerleaders or whatever.  

You know Farrah; any opportunity to exploit her child – as well as Farrah’s own vulva – will be an opportunity to strike while the iron’s infested with … something. 

Unfortunately, followers of both Farrah and Sophia’s Instagram pages (yes, seven-year-old Sophia has her own page, as sad as that is to say) dragged poor Sophia all over the internet, slamming her looks. 

Photo via MTV

Some of the commenters were less awful, and simply wrote, "Kid needs braces, bro," while others were … less nice. 

Another comment read, "Where is child protective services when you need them."  

Worse yet, one of Farrah’s "fans" actually wrote, "Your kid looks like a gremlin. I don’t think anything can make her pretty." 

In case we’ve all been caught unaware for whatever reason, Sophia Abraham – despite the gremlin her mother is – is a child … a seven-year-old child who doesn’t need your bulls–t. 

Yeah, she’s been exploited and subjected to force-fed modeling tactics, but she’s still just a kid

Sophia Abraham Modeling Pic
Photo via Instagram

There’s absolutely no excuse to drag a child over her looks, or because of who her mother happens to be. 

Especially adults – what the hell are you even thinking? 

If you wanna go after Farrah, go hard, because Farrah is the crud that builds up beneath the dock in a pollluted lake. 

But her child – a child? 

Kids these days get enough bullying from their peers; they don’t need adults throwing cheap shots at them, too, just because they don’t agree with what the child’s porn star mother does.  

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Photo via MTV

This poor little girl’s been through enough

Isn’t it time people left her the hell alone and allowed her to make, at least, an attempt to grow up in normal circumstances? 

It’s not like she’s got some great fair shake to begin with.