Farrah Abraham Supports Donald Trump in Vulgar Instagram Post

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Farrah Abraham is more known for her backdoor skills and her bouncing boobs than she is for her brain cells.

... Which is why the photo she shared on her Instagram page was only a little bit shocking, in light of recent events.  

Farrah Abraham Supports Donald Trump Photo

As if the image itself weren't disturbing enough, she captioned it:

"#TeenMomOG @F1abraham endorses @realDonaldTrump, proclaims 'Grab life by the pussy, b-tches!' #ShesNotWithHer." 

"Should we have the first business man in history for president, or should we have the first women in history for president?" 

"Up to you," she said, hashtagging it #rockthevote and #vote. 

Had we our way, we'd rock the vote to have Farrah deported from the planet - forget the continental United States. 

Farrah Abraham is So Real

Her Instagram followers - some of whom apparently exercise their brains before their mouths - hit back hard. 

One of the comments read, "You are filth on this earth!" 

"I seriously believe in evil because of you," they ranted.  

"The sad part is watching you destroy your daughter in front of our eyes." 

"MTV is a disgrace for showing your dumb ass," the commenter added. 

Farrah Abraham: Okkkkk!

Hilariously enough - no, never mind; the following thing isn't actually hilarious at all, it's terrible and sad - Farrah has cried rape for years. 

Abraham spoke out against former sex tape co-star James Deen, and claimed that he'd raped her

On Couples Therapy, Farrah claimed that she'd been "drugged and raped" on multiple occasions, and as the story developed, asserted that Deen was one of the perpetrators.  

Later in the year, she outright accused him of rape. 

Farrah Abraham Bawlin'

She recounted the horror rape, and said, "James Deen raped me for his benefit of fame." 

"I let it all go," she continued, "and I wanted to move on." 

"Due to the public and others in the media believing an abusive womanizer, sex addict, disgusting, unprofessional adult entertainer's lies," she trailed off. 

That's one of those brain-synapse misfires we were talking about before. 

Tear-Filled Farrah
James Deen

Further, she accused Deen of not having any respect for women - which is completely unlike Donald Trump, right? 

(Not; let's clear that up right now - that was a massive use of heavy sarcasm right there, y'all.) 

Farrah needs to get her priorities straight, as well as her stances on things.

She should also, perhaps, get her head out of her ass, but when that's your money-maker, it's hard to distance yourself from it entirely.  

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