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BREAKING NEWS: Farrah Abraham is a ridiculous, awful human being.

Don’t act too surprised, now.

Farrah Abraham Flexes Close-Up VMAs 2016
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Sometimes Farrah’s idiocy is infuriating, sometimes it’s amusing, and sometimes it’s just plain sad.

And sometimes, on very special occasions, it’s all three at once.

This is one of those times.

In a new interview, Farrah opened up about how she plans on teaching her seven-year-old daughter about sex.

Heaven help us all.

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“I mean, that’s something that’s so normal to me,” she said about discussing sex with her kid.

“I public speak with teenagers and get to do fun things and awareness campaign. I think that’s really gotten me ready as a public speaker and gotten me ready to talk to my daughter more so than anything.”

And while it may be true that Farrah does public speak with teenagers and awareness campaign with them, too — seriously, where did she learn to communicate and where can she go to actually learn? — she’s not really making a whole lot of sense yet.

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“I can always play those 16 and Pregnant episodes and all these things back, that’s just like, the help and I wouldn’t take that for granted. I would use it as a big tool.”

And there it is.

If Farrah really does plan on showing Sophia old 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom episodes, maybe she should consider avoiding showing her own segments. Unless she plans on showing them as purely a cautionary tale, in which case, put them on repeat forever.

Farrah was just so unbearable as a pregnant teenager … and as a new mom, and now, and pretty much all the time in between.

The only thing Sophia could really learn from the shows are how insufferable her mother is.

But don’t worry about little Sophia just yet, or at least don’t worry about this particular idea of Farrah’s.

After sharing her little educational idea, Farrah added “I have to just see whatever her situation is, but I handle things and I communicate. I’m educated and I can talk through my frustrations or my emotions … I wouldn’t want to create more of a stress, but I would always want to set her up for success.”

Hold your laughter in for a minute and realize that she said she’d wait to show Sophia 16 and Pregnant until she was sure it would actually help her …

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… And now feel free to laugh for the rest of your life at Farrah freaking Abraham saying “I communicate, I’m educated.”

If either of those things were true, we wouldn’t have to beat our heads against the wall in frustration every time we have to decipher whatever nonsense falls out of her mouth.

And yet, here we are.

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Here’s an idea, Farrah: just stop talking. About everything. Forever.

That’s the dream.