Amanda Bynes has become a certified whack job. She Tweets weird photos of herself, gets arrested and has seemingly lost touch with all reality.

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Amanda Bynes' mother has taken her off medication and claims she has no mental illness, a statement and turn of events that has left many people alarmed.

Lynn Bynes says the only problem Amanda had was pot, that all her daughter's problems emanated from marijuana, and she has quit smoking weed.

As a result, Amanda is off ALL medications. Lynn said publicly Wednesday that "she has no mental illness whatsoever." Tamar Arminak, Lynn's lawyer, confirms:

"Amanda is now on zero medication."

45 Seriously OMG WTF Amanda Bynes Photos
Amanda Bynes thinks she is dope. The actress has posted this photo to Twitter.
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Amanda Bynes is Dope

1. Amanda Bynes is Dope

Amanda Bynes thinks she is dope. The actress has posted this photo to Twitter.

Amanda Bynes Mugshot

2. Amanda Bynes Mugshot

This Amanda Bynes mug shot was taken following her arrest in New York May 23, 2013.

Amanda Bynes, Blue Wig Photo

3. Amanda Bynes, Blue Wig Photo

Amanda Bynes loves that blue wig. And why shouldn't she?

Amanda Bynes Twit Picture

4. Amanda Bynes Twit Picture

Amanda Bynes on Twitter. Always the picture of normalcy.

Amanda Bynes Photo Montage

5. Amanda Bynes Photo Montage

A photo montage of Amanda Bynes through the years. She has quite a new look going on.

Amanda Bynes Fire

6. Amanda Bynes Fire

This is the remnants of the fire that Amanda Bynes started in some stranger's driveway. She was placed on 5150 hold.

Amanda Bynes' New Look

7. Amanda Bynes' New Look

Amanda Bynes' new look ... it's an interesting look, to say the absolute least.

Amanda Bynes Collage

8. Amanda Bynes Collage

Amanda Bynes loves taking pics of herself almost as much as she loves plastic surgery.

Amanda Bynes in Court Photo

9. Amanda Bynes in Court Photo

Amanda Bynes in court. This photo is really one that sums it all up.

Amanda Bynes in Handcuffs

10. Amanda Bynes in Handcuffs

Amanda Bynes is led away in handcuffs in this photo. But the actress won't serve any time for her arrest.

Amanda Bynes, Post Arrest

11. Amanda Bynes, Post Arrest

Amanda Bynes underwent a nose job soon after getting arrested. So something good came of this incident at least!

Amanda Bynes Partying Pics

12. Amanda Bynes Partying Pics

Pics of Amanda Bynes partying and acting generally strange in her apartment. In Touch Weekly got these somehow.

Amanda Bynes Drug Photos

13. Amanda Bynes Drug Photos

These alleged Amanda Bynes drug photos were published by In Touch Weekly. Amanda, needless to say, is not pleased about it.

Amanda Bynes as a Cat

14. Amanda Bynes as a Cat

Amanda Bynes Twitter pictures are truly something to behold.

Amanda Bynes Twitter Selfie Photo

15. Amanda Bynes Twitter Selfie Photo

Amanda Bynes in a new Twit pic. Man she is one sexy chick.

Amanda Bynes Pout

16. Amanda Bynes Pout

Amanda Bynes' lip pout. That's like her signature look of late.

Amanda Bynes Gym Photo

17. Amanda Bynes Gym Photo

Amanda Bynes and her half-shaved head doing her thing at the gym.

Bynes Twitpics

18. Bynes Twitpics

Gotta love Amanda Bynes Twitpics like these.

Amanda Bynes Topless Photo

19. Amanda Bynes Topless Photo

Amanda Bynes is topless and on Twitter. Standard.

Amanda Bynes Topless

20. Amanda Bynes Topless

Amanda Bynes looking so hot topless in the bathroom. Why does she want to lose weight again?

Amanda Bynes Underwear Photo

21. Amanda Bynes Underwear Photo

Amanda Bynes posts another HOT Twitter selfie pic. Look at that cleavage. Drake, you are so missing out.

Amanda Bynes Twitter Selfie

22. Amanda Bynes Twitter Selfie

Amanda Bynes posts another HOT Twitter selfie. Look at that cleave!

Amanda Bynes Instagram Selfie

23. Amanda Bynes Instagram Selfie

Amanda Bynes loves to take photos of herself at the gym. Here's a great one from late April 2013.

Amanda Bynes Shaves Head

24. Amanda Bynes Shaves Head

Amanda Bynes shaves half of her head. There she is with the new look.

Amanda Bynes on Twitter Picture

25. Amanda Bynes on Twitter Picture

This is Amanda Bynes on Twitter. Speaks for itself.

Amanda Bynes is God

26. Amanda Bynes is God

According to this fan made Twitter tribute, Amanda Bynes is God.

Queen Amanda

27. Queen Amanda

Queen Amanda. Bynes, that is.

Queen Bynes

28. Queen Bynes

A fan made photo of Amanda Bynes on Elmo's body, or something.

Amanda Bynes and Drake

29. Amanda Bynes and Drake

Amanda Bynes and Drake as lions in a Twitter pic someone made.

Bynes Twit Pic

30. Bynes Twit Pic

Gotta love Amanda Bynes on Twitter. What. A. Character.

Amanda Bynes Instagram Pics

31. Amanda Bynes Instagram Pics

Amanda Bynes on Instagram. She posts some hot pics.

Amanda Bynes Twitter Pics

32. Amanda Bynes Twitter Pics

Amanda Bynes loves posting these twitter pics. We love her for it.

Amanda Bynes Instagram Photo

33. Amanda Bynes Instagram Photo

This is the sort of thing Amanda Bynes posts on Instagram. We have no point, just saying.

Amanda Bynes on Twitter Photo

34. Amanda Bynes on Twitter Photo

Amanda Bynes' Twitter photos are the best.

Amanda Bynes Twit Pics

35. Amanda Bynes Twit Pics

Amanda Bynes Twit pics are so great.

Amanda Bynes Twitpics

36. Amanda Bynes Twitpics

Check out these hot Amanda Bynes Twitpics.

Amanda Bynes Cleavage Pic

37. Amanda Bynes Cleavage Pic

Amanda Bynes and her awesome cleavage pose for a hot Twitter pic. Next time turn the flash off though Mandy. BRIGHT.

Amanda Bynes Cleavage Photo

38. Amanda Bynes Cleavage Photo

Amanda Bynes and her awesome cleavage pose for a hot Twitter pic.

Amanda Bynes Twitter Picture

39. Amanda Bynes Twitter Picture

Amanda Bynes in a nice Twitter photo. Her family is worried about her and for good reason.

Amanda Bynes' Face Photo

40. Amanda Bynes' Face Photo

A photo of Amanda Bynes on Twitter. She's looking ... like Amanda Bynes. Nice piercings.

Amanda Bynes Boobs

41. Amanda Bynes Boobs

Those are Amanda Bynes' boobs. At least we assume so. They were on her Instagram.

Amanda Bynes Piercings

42. Amanda Bynes Piercings

Amanda Bynes shows off her new cheek piercings on Twitter.

Amanda Bynes Twitter Photo

43. Amanda Bynes Twitter Photo

Amanda Bynes lookin' ridic in a Twitpic.

Amanda Bynes Pierced Cheek

44. Amanda Bynes Pierced Cheek

Amanda Bynes' pierced cheek: What do you think?

Amanda Bynes on Instagram

45. Amanda Bynes on Instagram

Amanda Bynes resurfaced recently on Instagram. This is what she's looking like these days.

Her mom feels all the talk about schizophrenia is false and that's why she took her off medication; Amanda has had no psychotic episodes in recent months.

Everyone else who has come in contact with Amanda says she does in fact suffer from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, however, and they are concerned.

The evidence of mental illness is extensive, and not just because of the photo gallery above and her erratic behavior for about a year and a half. Consider:

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Rumors about Amanda Bynes' mental health have been circulating for over a year now, with some speculating that the former teen star may be suffering from schizophrenia. But even though she's still not speaking to the press, Amanda attempted to put those rumors to rest today.

Amanda Bynes in Public

Through her lawyer, Tamar Arminak, Amanda issued a statement to People magazine, assuring fans that she "does not have schizophrenia, nor has she ever been diagnosed with it."

"There has been much speculation about Amanda's medical condition," the attorney says. "She has remained silent because she believed it was best to keep her mental health diagnosis private."

Arminak adds that Amanda "never had a history of abusing alcohol or hard drugs, and she's proud to say she's been marijuana-free for the past nine months." So maybe all that time she was just paranoid?

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by Hilton Hater at

Amanda Bynes is back on Twitter.. and trying to get back on track as a human being.

The seemingly troubled actress made like Kim Kardashian yesterday, posting a couple bikini photos of herself on Instagram and showing off a new, healthy-looking body.

"Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes," Bynes captioned one image of her curvy backside and impressive physique.

Bynes completed her inpatient treatment in December, following an involuntarily stay at UCLA Medical Center after a strange driveway-burning incident in July.

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The recovering Amanda Bynes recently returned to Twitter, and she's quickly making up for lost time in reconnecting with her fans. In a good way this time.

On Monday, she posted self-portrait she sketched herself.

"New sketch," Bynes, 27, wrote. Check out her artwork!

The star, who's taking classes at FIDM in Orange County, drew a black and white pencil drawing that emphasized her big eyes, pouty lips, and long locks.

She also appeared naked in the portrait ... standard Bynes.

She also pointed out how she only has one verified account. "FYI This is my only twitter account, I have no secret twitter accounts. Xoxo Amanda."

Bynes tweeted for the first time in months on February 28 following her stint in rehab, and deleted her previous, infamously erratic and bizarre tweets.

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Amanda Bynes' Twitter account is back up and running after more than 10 months without a Tweet, but it's nothing like what made it infamous in 2012-13.

In the past, Bynes' Twitter signaled to fans her severe mental health issues. Now it appears to be marking yet another step in the troubled star's recovery ...

Listing herself as simply "fashion student," she Tweeted for the first time since April 18: "Hi everyone! I'm busy studying at @FIDM but I want to say I love you to my fans!"

"Xoxo Amanda"

Bynes, who is studying at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Orange County, also nixed some of her most erratic and bizarre past Tweets.

She got rid of posts where she talked about needing plastic surgery or insulted public figures, like Barack and Michelle Obama, by calling them "ugly."

She is said to be keenly aware of how bad things got last year, when she told Drake to murder her vagina and often made news with her odd ramblings.

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Amanda Bynes is getting her life together in a major way, and there is perhaps no greater indicator of this turnaround than her increasing self awareness.

According to TMZ, the 27-year-old recovering star is now remorseful about things she did and said when Bynes was at her worst, from 2012 to mid-2013.

Case in point? When she said "I want Drake to murder my vagina."

  • A Bynes Pic
  • Drake at the Grammys

As she slowly but surely treats her severe mental illness and becomes her old self again, sources close to Amanda Bynes say her past antics mortify her.

That Drake comment in particular "horrifies her" and this is a good thing, as it she knows the difference between right and wrong, and knows what's inappropriate.

Incredibly, for the actress, this wasn't a given for a long, long time.

Bynes has also stopped smoking weed, is having a number of inappropriate tattoos removed, and is being kind and friendly to those she interacts with.

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Amanda Bynes has scored a victory in her DUI case from 2012.

Arrested in April 2012 in West Hollywood for driving drunk, the incident began an epic 12 months of erratic and at times dangerous behavior from the star.

Perhaps for that reason, and the intensive treatment she's undergone for her severe mental illness, a judge allowed her to plead down the heavier charge.

Her lawyer Rich Hutton officially entered a plea of "wet reckless," a drinking-related offense but one that does not have the same consequences of DUI.

She didn't get off scot free by any means, but it's not as bad.

Amanda Bynes was placed on three years' probation, must attend a three-month alcohol education class, and pay various fines, but the charge is basically gone.

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Amanda Bynes is making progress each and every day, and her mom Lynn as been praised by the judge overseeing her case for helping facilitate that.

Lynn Bynes became conservator during the troubled star's darkest hours after she started a fire in a neighbor's driveway and soaked her dog in gasoline.  

Amanda Bynes was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, spending three months receiving in-patient treatment for her obvious, severe mental issues.

She's been released into her parents' care, however, and apparently it's going well there, as evidenced by Lynn and Rick Bynes' appearance in court Tuesday.

Lynn was appointed conservator of Amanda's estate, making her the shot-caller when it comes to her health care, finances and overall well being.

Britney Spears' father, Jamie, was famously appointed to this same role following her meltdown in 2007-08, and the pop icon really turned things around.

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Amanda Bynes says she is lucky to be alive. Or at least the star might say that if she were actually quoted by a tabloid. It is probably the case ...

The below cover, courtesy of In Touch, gives the impression of a tell-all interview with the actress, which clearly did not happen. It's all speculation.

But one thing is for sure, whether she was quoted or not:

Since leaving a Los Angeles rehab facility following stays in two different psychiatric hospitals, Amanda Bynes is getting a second chance at life.

In that respect, In Touch is far from off the mark here.

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The newly-free Amanda Bynes is moving on with her life by enrolling at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Irvine, Calif., reports say.

A week after being released from a Malibu facility where she was being treated for mental illness, she's already making plans for the next phase.

She's also been spotted rocking a "Twerk Team" hat. So there's that.

Bynes' gear could possibly be a peace offering to a fellow former child star. Before being hospitalized, she'd frequently call Miley Cyrus "ugly" on Twitter.

Since then, Miley Cyrus Twerking has become a global sensation.

As for Amanda Bynes, her attorney said upon her release from rehab that "she's mentioned before she's interested in creating a clothing line."

Looks like she's back to pursuing that dream head on.

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