Amanda Bynes has become a certified whack job. She Tweets weird photos of herself, gets arrested and has seemingly lost touch with all reality.

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It's hard to fault Amanda Bynes for any of her actions these days, as she's clearly struggling with some pretty severe psychological issues.

Even so, a 19-year-old Costa Mesa bait shop employee named Caleb Pusey is probably finding it pretty difficult to forgive Bynes for dragging him into the national spotlight.

  • Amanda Bynes Back on Twitter
  • Caleb Pusey Photo

It all started when Bynes told the world that she and Caleb were planning to get married.

When hunted down by the media, Pusey stated that he's not engaged to Bynes, and insisted that they had simply become friends after meeting in rehab.

Bynes conceded that they weren't actually romantically involved and tweeted that Pusey is gay. Now it turns out that's not true either.  Here are some tweets Amanda posted moments ago:

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Amanda Bynes has not been tearing apart fellow celebrities on Instagram, despite what a fake account had a lot of people believing earlier this week.

Amanda Bynes Self-Portrait

Instagram may want to add a nice "Verified Account" blue ribbon stamp to celebrity accounts a la Twitter after a Bynes impostor began wreaking havoc.

The account, @amandabynesfashion, was populated with posts attacking various celebrities, accusing them of being ugly, having STDs and/or small penises.

The fake Amanda really captured her tone, you have to admit.

One of the celebrities who was called out got on the phone with Amanda's lawyer, however, and after some digging, he learned she wasn't doing any of this.

With evidence in hand that this Fauxmanda was behaving in such a matter, that celebrity's attorney went to Instagram, which quickly shut down the account.

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Amanda Bynes keeps generating more wild headlines by the day. Her latest escapades? Getting the boot from a nightclub after a fight ... with Paris Hilton.

As if bragging about how she lost 18 pounds or (hopefully) joking about murdering her parents weren't enough for one weekend, now comes this report:

  • Amanda Bynes on the Street
  • Paris Hilton and Her Dog

Amanda allegedly got booted out of the VIP area at 1Oak Thursday night after she tried to sit at Paris' table with Hilton and her pal Brandon Davis.

Remember Greasy Bear, back when Paris was 10 times more famous?

"Amanda tried to sit at Paris and Brandon’s table, and they were not happy," says an insider. "There was a scene, words were exchanged, and they kicked her out."

“Amanda wasn’t drinking, but was acting really weird. She stood in the middle of the club with her friend, looking really awkward, and just seemed totally out of it."

Sadly for Bynes, she was snubbed by Hilton, who is one of her idols.

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Over the weekend, recordings of Amanda Bynes threatening to kill her father went public. 

Bynes claims she was only "joking" about murdering her family, and she wishes we'd all get over it and focus on more important things - like how good she looks these days!

Yes, Amanda's mental health issues have made her a tabloid staple lately and though she's apparently fine with the constant coverage, she wishes the press would use some more flattering pics.

Amanda Bynes: Purple Hair Paparazzi Pic

"I hate that TMZ uses the ugliest photos of me," Amanda tweeted last night. "I don't look like that anymore."

"I've had acne laser treatments and I've lost 18 lbs so I don't appreciate them using old photos of me."

A fair request. Although, as you can tell from the photo above, Amanda tends to obscure her face as much as possible whenever she encounters paparazzi, so it's not hard to see why some media outlets might prefer to use older photos. 

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Clearly troubled star Amanda Bynes now says she was obviously kidding when she fantasized aloud about killing her parents in a shocking new audio tape.

Come on, people. Do you even know her?! Can't you take a joke?

Covered in Hair

A friend of the star recorded Amanda Bynes talking about killing her parents in alarming detail while driving around with her in a car at some point recently.

She describes the hypothetical murders at length, and in detail.

Bynes rambled, ranted and raved about how her father deserves to be left in a ditch and that if you only knew what she's been through, you'd understand.

The friend sent the recordings to TMZ in hopes that medical professionals would realize what a dire situation she's in, but Bynes says it was all in jest.

In a series of tweets, she explains that obviously she's not really going to slit her dad’s throat and her mom’s wrists ... despite having said that and more:

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Amanda Bynes needs help badly, as evidenced by two recent audio recordings in which she unloads on her parents, especially her estranged father Rick.

The two audio clips were recorded a week ago by one of the trouble actress' West Hollywood roommates as they drove somewhere in a car together.

We've posted reports about Amanda talking to inanimate objects or herself over the past few months, but this is our first direct insight into her mind.

It's not a pretty place, which goes without saying.

Bynes' ramblings show just how far she has gone off the rails, and family and friends actually wanted TMZ to post these to prove she needs help.

Amanda casually but seriously talks of murdering her dad, slitting her mom's wrists, burning her house down and leaving her father's body in a ditch.

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Another day, another clear indication that Amanda Bynes is in desperate need of round-the-clock psychiatric care.

Back in October, Amanda claimed to be engaged to a 19-year-old SoCal baitshop employee named Caleb.

The media quickly determined that she must be talking about Caleb Pusey - a young man who perfectly fits the description who Amanda met during a recent rehab stint.

Amanda Bynes on the Loose in LA

Yesterday, however, Bynes slammed Pusey (tee-hee) on Twitter, tweeting that he's "not a good person," and accusing the press of getting its facts wrong. (Apparently, she was talking about some other 19-year-old Costa Mesa baitshop employee named Caleb.)

But just like when Amanda changed her story after falsely accusing her father of sexual abuse, she did a complete 180 late last night and her informed her millions of followers that she and Caleb are total besties:

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Amanda Bynes is back on Twitter, which is a good thing for bored office workers, but a bad thing for the many who are concerned for the actress' mental health and general well-being.

While she's not doing anything as severe as falsely accusing her father of sexual assault, her recent tweets are troubling, nonetheless. 

Amanda Bynes on the Loose in LA

Today, for example, Amanda attempted to retract her claim that she's engaged to Caleb Pusey in a fashion that she suggests that she's unaware of statements she made to the press just a few weeks ago.

"When I said I was engaged it wasn't to Caleb Pusey," Amanda tweeted this morning. "I don't look myself up online and I just did and I saw a bunch of articles saying that."

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Ever since Amanda Bynes was released from a psychiatric facility last month, she's been passing up the hotel room provided by her parents in favor of living a semi-homeless existence in West Hollywood.

Amanda had been crashing with her hairdresser and two other young women, but TMZ reports that they've now kicked her to the curb and filed a lawsuit after Amanda allegedly trashed their apartment.

Amanda Bynes Back on Twitter

The roommates reportedly contacted Amanda's parents, demanding cash for nearly 2 grand in damages.

Rick and Lynn Bynes replied - rather reasonably - that they were against Amanda moving into the apartment in the first place, and the girls should have known what they were getting themselves into.

The alleged damages actually don't sound that bad, considering some of the destructive behavior in which Amanda has engaged in recent weeks:

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Amanda Bynes has engaged in some truly bizarre behavior recently, but last night in Hollywood, the troubled actress was thankfully spared from branding herself with a permanent reminder of her latest meltdown.

TMZ reports that Bynes showed up to The Honorable Society Tattoo parlor with plans to have a picture of Caleb Pusey inked on her neck.

Amanda Bynes Walking the Street

You may remember Pusey as the 19-year-old bait shop employee to whom Bynes claimed to be engaged

Pusey has stated that he and Bynes met in rehab but never had any sort of romantic relationship, so it's probably a good thing that Bynes wasn't able to get tatted up, as she didn't have proper ID.

Staff say they recognized Bynes, so the request for identification was probably just a way for them to get out of tattooing a very unstable young woman without causing her to make a scene. 

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