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It’s extremely normal for anyone undergoing long term mental health treatment to have ups and downs and even major setbacks.

In June, Amanda Bynes had a mental health crisis. She knew that she needed help, so she got it.

More recently, she has been seeking outpatient care. But sometimes, that’s not enough.

She has checked herself into an inpatient facility. It’s what she needs, and she knows it.

Amanda Bynes Wants Out
Former child star Amanda Bynes turned her life around dramatically, furthering her education and working on her mental health. (Instagram)

Amanda Bynes has been a beloved actress for many years — even after leaving the entertainment industry behind.

For years, her struggles with mental illness have made the news. It turns out that her funny tweets from over a decade ago wouldn’t have happened if she’d been in a healthier state of mind.

In recent years, Amanda made tremendous strides. Her conservatorship ended, she began living on her own, and her mental health recovery has been encouraging.

Amanda Bynes in 2020
Amanda Bynes stands against a wall while wearing a yellow plaid top in this 2020 Instagram post. Her fans love seeing these little updates after all that she has been through. (Instagram)

But there have been setbacks. Earlier this year, she realized that she was having a mental health crisis. Naked and outside, she called for help.

Since then, Amanda’s recovery has continued.

In June, she had another crisis — albeit a less dramatic one. She reached out for help, and received it.

Amanda Bynes Addresses Fans After Filing to End Conservatorship: I Couldn't Have Done It Without You!
Sporting a creative dye job, Amanda Bynes snapped this selfie to share with her fans and followers. (Instagram)

Now, TMZ reports, Amanda is returning to voluntary inpatient mental health treatment.

In July, she entered the Orange County facility.

Why? As anyone who has voluntarily gone into inpatient care, she needed a more therapeutic environment than seeking outpatient care while living at home could provide.

Amanda Bynes' Tattoo Removal Pic
Amanda Bynes is opening up about her painful past. The former child star says her experiences in Hollywood had a lasting impact on her self-esteem. (Instagram)

It isn’t just about the medical team or the therapists, though they are certainly part of it.

At the Orange County facility, Amanda can engage in social interaction with other patients.

That is easier for her than being on her own. Not every mental illness is the same — what might be a nightmare for some is exactly what Amanda needs for her recovery.

Amanda Bynes Face Tattoo
Amanda Bynes’ fans have followed her story for years, including the ups and downs of her mental health. A lot of people continue to root for her. (Instagram)

Additionally, Amanda can simply receive a higher level of care from this inpatient treatment program.

Right now, she’s in a residential situation and has ’round-the-clock care.

Then there are daily therapy sessions and activities. Some of which could help her to hone coping skills and more after she leaves this center.

Amanda Bynes Removes Face Tattoo: I Was Told I Look Like a Monster
In this selfie, Amanda Bynes is wearing a light jacket and large glasses. Her lipstick is really vibrant! (Instagram)

It is so important to emphasize that this is yet another example of Amanda identifying that she needs treatment and seeking it.

She has mental illness. That does not in any way change the fact that she is a human being with rights.

We are so glad that she continues to make good choices for herself. Amanda, the whole world is rooting for you.