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We've known for years that Jimmy Fallon has a problem with laughing.

He used to often break character during skits on Saturday Night Live and he'll frequently crack up over his own jokes while hosting The Tonight Show on NBC.

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For a Canadian fella, Drake can be ruder than a Tim Horton's customer when they're out of Timbits the morning after a Maple leafs loss, dontchaknow.

The emcee/human quivering lip has recently made an effort to shed his image as the baby panda of the rap world by going HAM on some of his rivals.

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Ryan Reynolds reportedly abused his wife, Blake Lively, and if the allegations are true, it sounds like we might have another epic celebrity breakup in 2016 yet. 

GamenGuide reports that a source actually witnessed Reynolds abusing his wife, and that the violent argument was about their baby, who was just born on September 30th. 

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