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On True Tori Season 3 Episode 1 tonight, viewers will watch in horror as Tori Spelling cries multiple rivers over the failing state of her marriage to Dean McDermott.

Is there any hope at all for these two, considering the latter has admitted to an affair and the former is, well, Tori Spelling? We doubt it.

What happened to the once-happy couple? To bubbly parents of four? Two simple words: Greed. Infidelity. Desperation. Annoyance. Reality. Television.

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian
The marriage between Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian lasted 72 days. Pretty much every second of it took place on reality TV.

Granted, Spelling and McDermott are still technically married. But come on. They're totally doomed.

But at least they aren't alone. It's rare for couples who appear on a reality TV show together to actually stay together, as divorces have befallen everyone from a Teen Mom to a sex tape star to... whatever the heck Jon Gosselin does with his life.

So as you watch Kendra on Top online and as you wonder how such mighty pairings have fallen, hold your significant other tightly and be glad you aren't doing it with a camera in your face.

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It is sadly and shocking all over for Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi.

About seven months after announcing his engagement to the porn star, Sheen released a statement through his publicist last night that confirmed an end to this relationship.

Brett Rossi and Charlie Sheen Pic

"Scotty and I had a great year together as we traveled the world and crossed a lot of things off our bucket list," he wrote, using Rossi's real name, Scottine. "She’s a terrific gal - but we’ve mutually decided to go our separate ways and not spend the rest of our lives together."

Sheen, of course, has already been married to Donna Peele, Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller.

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Joe Giudice is due in court today to be sentenced for possession of a fraudulent driver's license.

It's small potatoes compared to the fraud charges that have already gotten Giudice sentenced to 41 months in prison, but even so, one might expect his wife to join him in court.

Instead, sources say Teresa was a no show because she will be meeting with a divorce attorney to begin the process of ending her 14-year marriage to Joe.

Giudices Go to Court

Rumors that Joe and Teresa are headed for divorce have been circulating for months, but insiders say that we'll no longer have to speculate as to the state of the Giudice's marriage:

Teresa is intent on calling it quits.

Reportedly, the Giudices have been living in separate homes ever since they were both sentenced to serve prison time at a hearing last month.

Teresa is said to be fed up with Joe's drinking and negligent parenting, and friends say she continues to blame her husband for the fact that she'll have to report to prison on January 5.

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Phaedra Parks of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is disappointed that the fairy tale ending she thought she found with husband Apollo Nida became a nightmare.

She's certain she made the right decision to divorce Nida, however.

Phaedra Parks Baby Pic

"Phaedra is really disappointed with how all of this has turned out," a source says of the couple, noting that Parks takes no joy in doing this, and it wasn't an easy call.

Her estranged husband is currently serving an eight-year prison sentence for fraud. Apollo checked into prison last month after a blowout fight with Phaedra.

Cameras caught the reality TV couple's last hurrah after the wannabe white collar criminal briefly went AWOL and stopped by the house they used to share.

Whether you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online or on TV, this is going to be a crazy season, but Parks doesn't relish that either. She's shell-shocked.

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Ray J and his girlfriend Princess Love broke up last week, and it wasn't pretty. In fact, a major fight over the former couple's dog has ensued in the aftermath.

Ray J, Princess Love, Dogs

The couple's split was on the verge of being at least somewhat amicable until she tried to leave with their dog Boogotti, at which point Ray flipped out.

Apparently, the Kim Kardashian sex tape and Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star offered to leave as she packed her things ... but he didn't mean Boogotti.

Things got so heated regarding the three-pound Maltese puppy that Ray's security had to step in. He ended up keeping the canine, at least for now.

Princess Love says she pleaded with him to let her keep Boogati, claiming she's been the pup's primary caretaker, but her pleas fell upon deaf ears.

Now Princess says her three other Maltese dogs are heartsick over Boo's absence, crying and whimpering all the time (seriously) since the split occurred.

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It's officially over for Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida. The reality star says she has retained counsel and will be amicably ending the couple's marriage.

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida Picture

The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member "has retained an attorney with the intent of amicably ending her marriage," her rep, Steve Honig, confirms.

As rumored earlier this week, Parks was gearing up to break her silence on Nida, who recently entered prison to begin serving an eight-year sentence.

Like Teresa Giudice but even guiltier, he is off to the big house for fraud, but not before allegedly RAGING at Parks the day before he checked into lockup.

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you're going to see some major fireworks this coming season, which begins next month on Bravo.

Nida, who was in jail for six years between 2003-09 for car theft charges, got out and quickly married Parks, with whom he has sons Dylan and Ayden.

Not surprisingly, the consensus has been that Phaedra would divorce Apollo while he's behind bars. Not the model husband you wait around for, honestly.

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No blurred lines here - Paula Patton is making her intentions plain as day.

First, Patton filed for divorce from Robin Thicke, now she's stopped hiding the fact that she's shacking up with new boyfriend Zak Walters.

  • Laying It on Thicke
  • Paula Patton Goes Stag
  • Zak Waters Photo

"Zak moved in with her a couple weeks ago," a source tells Radar Online. "They are very happy together and he treats her how she deserves to be treated."

Though Paula is still not speaking to the press, the news of her new relationship was confirmed recently when Waters posted a photo from inside her apartment with a caption reading, "My new view."

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When we first learned that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon had separated, it was widely assumed that Mariah was to blame.

After all, Carey has a history of erratic behavior, and there were rumors that Cannon's family had begged him to leave Mariah.

Now, however, Mariah has fired back against the haters and speculators during a recent concert in Japan.

You can clearly hear Mariah singing, "I know you cheated, motherf--ker," and the Elusive Chanteuse must have known how that line would be interpreted in the wake of her very public marital woes.

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In the wake of Mariah Carey's split from Nick Cannon, fans and friends were concerned that the iconic singer would suffer another public meltdown, such as the one that caused deep concern back in 2001.

Mariah is older and wiser now, of course, and she was rumored to be holding up surprisingly well in the weeks following her separation from Cannon.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Red Carpet Photo
Nick and Mariah posing for the paps. The couple is believed to have one of Hollywood's most stable marriages.

However, sources say that when Cannon visited Carey's apartment to work out the terms of their divorce and visit the couple's twins, she was secretly hoping for a reconciliation.

Mariah now reportedly realizes that ship has sailed, and according to a former assistant of Mariah's, Ms. Carey is not handling it well:

"It's really sad," the anonymous source tells Star magazine. "Her self-esteem is at an all-time low. She's run down and bloated and she isn't sleeping."

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When news of the Jordin Sparks-Jason Derulo breakup first hit the Internet, it seemed as though there was really no reason to take sides.

After all, Derulo says there was no infidelity and that he and Sparks simply mutually decided to end their relationship after three years together.

Yesterday, however, the R&B crooner dropped a few revelations that's left us siding up with Team Jordin:

"It was, like, over the phone," Derulo said when asked about the breakup during a radio interview. "I wasn't in town."

Jason went on to explain that he has "women around all the time," and joked about taking back the BMW that he bought for her. Classy!

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