THG Week in Review: December 25-31, 2010

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Welcome to another edition of THG's Week in Review, where we look back at the stars, stories and scandals that made headlines in the final week of 2010.

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One could say Chris Brown has a short fuse.

We know how Breaking Dawn ends! Well, possibly.

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris are getting married!






Chris' rite raz b wants some attention and need to learn to shut as 4 da haters boy have I got news 4 you:rihanna has forgiven chris brown they're now fwends so y do yall fail to forgive and get ova sumthing tht didn't even happen to ya and was none of ur buisness to begin with chris is a gud guy plus we all make mistakes nd no bodies perfect, u haters don't even cum close.!


Brown and the other idiot are Dumb and Dumber.