Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: Married** !!!

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** - There is no way this happened.

At least In Touch Weekly can say it mixed things up a bit. Breaking from its usual cover stories about how Angelina Jolie is a raging psycho or Brad Pitt bones Jennifer Aniston behind her back ... they got married this time!! OMG!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Get Married!

PURE NONSENSE: You're a moron if you buy this (in more ways than one).

We're all for good celebrity gossip, but who's going to think the world's most famous couple - two people who have adamantly stated, many times, that they aren't getting married - got married AND kept it a secret from everybody?

Then again, she is wearing white, and the photo of "Where they said I do'" does look like a sweet ass resort, so maybe we're just being cynical.

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It amazes me how someone can blame & hate one person for adultry when it takes two. It is nonsense and down right ignorant to state you hate Angelina and not Bradd for what they did to Jennifer Anniston. They both hurt her, they both betrayed her, Brad more so than anyone (remember he is the one who made vows to Jennifer before God and all their friends and family). I just wish the media & everyone else would allow the sweet, beautiful, talented Jennifer Anniston's name & photo's be said and or published without Brad's name attached to it. It's downright degrading to Jennifer not to seperate her from them.


I HATE Angelina because what she did to Jennifer Aniston shes a man stealer i love Brad Pitt i wish Brad was back with Jennifer Aniston


They r married n dat ends it!!! Get married if u wanna! What! They r in luv!


Whether Angelina Joli and Brad Pitt got married in India or no matter where, the point is----------they are married and they love each other. Let us leave them alone and let them live their life as husband and wife and even if the rumor of them getting married in an inaccurate statement, they deserve the privacy and the happiness they truly possess. I hope this couple live a long and lasting relatioship because one thing we could be highly recognized them even if we don't know them is they seem to enjoy, nurture and handle the task of parenthood. Let us hope and pray they will continue to tackle their responsibilities with their kids even more consistent and dilegently now and in the future considering the pressures and the high profile kind of living they have.


Yes, they are married. They got married at Umaid Bhavan Palace in Jodhpur, India in May. I was at the palace in December 2010. The tour guides informs all the tourist visiting the palace about the wedding. Its the same palace where Elizabeth Hurley got married.


only 3 words matter in the entire article. "not legally binding" , which means their is no love between the two of them. this is about as "real" as the gossilin family wedding a few months before their divorce. brad and angie are afraid of losing a few minutes of airtime to prince william and waity katey


Truth is they arent legally married since it was ina third world civil ceremoney and isnt recognized here as legit.


......and by the way, SALT is a very good movie! Angelina certainly does have talent acting and being drop dead good-looking!


NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! They aren't married....BUT.......those kids both have the same mother and daddy! They do know who their mother is and who their daddy is!!! That beats Hollywood right there! Brad and Angie probably have it all over the rest of us!


But you would think, in respect of their children, they would marry one another, or move on. Even in this day and age, unmarried parents can be an embarrassment to SOME children.

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