Laura Govan Accuses Gilbert Arenas of Family Abandonment

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When NBA star Gilbert Arenas was traded to the Orlando Magic this month, he didn't just leave behind the Washington Wizards. He also abandoned his pregnant girlfriend and three children.

A publicist for Laura Govan tells The Washington Post that the guard's baby mama "has not heard from Arenas the whole month of December." He reportedly left his family "with no money to purchase food or Christmas gifts."

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Arenas actually seemed to acknowledge his irresponsible behavior, telling the newspaper soon after the trade: "I went to the airport and left. I didn't have a chance to say bye to anybody. I didn't even say bye to the kids."

Govan - who is the sister of Basketball Wives star Gloria Govan - and Arenas have had a rocky nine-year relationship.

They've broken up numerous times, she's been accused of having an affair with Shaquille O'Neal and she's currently knocked up with her and Gilbert's fourth child.

Overall, we know Arenas likes to call himself as Agent Zero, but we always thought that was a reference to his uniform number. Not his number of morals.

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Lets do some DNA and get to the real Laura grow up


Man these chicks need help why don't they just educate themselves and move on. What are they teaching their daughters? Realistically they should have stopped after one kid, he obviosouly doesn't see himself with you long term stop being vindictive...


Bitches stop being thirsty and desperate. You are playing yourself. Youre sitting at home with four kids waiting for a man to pay your way. He's not your husband and will probaby never be. He got the cow the milk the cookies and bacon. Smh at dumb hos. After my first baby I told dude Im wifey or Im nothin. Now 2 karats and three kids later Im still wifey. Step your cookies up. I put my mac hand down at all times. BAD BITCHES STAND UP.


why are you all hating on her? she is not the one who left
even if he doesn't want to be with her he is a dog for leaving the kids
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4 Kids? If he liked it he should've put a ring on it-3 kids ago. He's erratic and she sleeps w/ married men- a match made in NBA Heaven!


her & her sister Gloria both have babies with NBA stars without a ring on their finger. They think getting knocked up will set them up for life. Their mother must be so proud. They are nothing but "jersey chasers". Why don't these men wear condoms if not for their health but to save their money?


obviously she thought by havin all those babies he would have to stay with her but babies arnt insurance lol get a job ho


There are two sides to every story. Clearly their relationship is quite tumultuous, however, she's the bigger dummy if she keeps letting him treat her like this. Remember the ordeal where Arenas had to pretend he had the flu to avoid being served papers at a Wizards game by Govan's people? Also, how can this girl afford representation yet she claims she has no money or Christmas gifts? How can she get money? Uh, get a job Laura.