Camille Grammer Has Lost Respect for Kelsey

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Never one to shy away from the press, Camille Grammer has spoken out again about soon-to-be-ex-husband Kesley.

A few weeks after saying she felt completely abandoned by how the actor filed for divorce after 14 years of marriage, read on to see what this Real Housewife told The Huffington Post.

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"I still love my soon to be ex husband," Camille said. "I respect him as a person, I don't respect how he handled the affair and the divorce and how things went down."

It's hard to blame this reality star for that reaction. Kelsey got engaged to Kayte Walsh before his divorce proceedings were even finalized.

"He's in love, he's getting married, so I don't think there's any reconciliation," Camille added. "Someone gets engaged and tells you he's going to get married in January and we're still legally married. We're separated, we're not divorced yet."

Has she spoken to her ex any time recently?

"I would love to have an open dialogue with my husband at this point because I think it's really important to co-parent, and the only way we're going to co-parent the correct way is if we talk, and right now it's through e-mail and lawyers."

Camille said Christmas was difficult, but "I'm creating new traditions with my family and my children."

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Yes we all see that Camillie is crazy but did we stop and realize she is going through a divorce. Dose not excuse her behavior at all but damn this is a hard time right now. KIM your my favorite I love your sense of humor and you worry so about your kids. Keep your heart strong and your humor endless..!


Swilson and Jen are such a pair of haters - be careful, it will come back to you someday... Kim is a sweetheart and real, and she doesn't fit in with the Type A's on this show. She's not a social animal like her sister but I like her quirkiness and honesty. Kyle says she "keeps it real"? Hah! If you look at early pics of Kyle, You can see this woman has had LOTS of plastic surgery. She first had a major nose job and big jaw implants. Then corrective surgery to remove jaw implants with second nose job and chin implant added. Kyle says she tells it like it is, but did not even tell her husband that she bought her face at the doctors office. Nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery, but don't be so dishonest about it while you're claiming how "real" you are. What a hypocrite.


Listen folks: Kyle and Kim Richards are very good mothers and sisters indeed, but Kyle need to practice on her tone. Kyle speaks abusive words to both Camille,Kim and others who piss her off..not good. In New York, Kyle did call Camille "insecure". Now regarding Kelsey I can no longer watch reruns of "FRASIER" NO RESPECT FOR HIM. Also, in New York after the opening of his play during the after party, he stated to Kim she probably doesn't want a husband, he stated "I'M IMPOSSIBLE" referring to himself as a husband.Camille was right beside him when he made the statement.With that statement, Kelsey's and Camille's marriage was 90% Kelsey's fault and 10% Camille's fault.


swilson- You are so right on. By the way, Kim is nothing but a big bore and stupid. Why she is on this reality show? She offers nothing. All she does is whine about being with her kids, she lacks social skills. She can't get along with anyone…not even Giggy.


I feel that with such financial means and smarts and connections these women could achieve so much if they put all the other issues aside.
I wont speak any negative words about any of them, because we don't know what goes in their hearts and minds so why can't we all be supportive !
On a other note I have to say that I have been a big fan of the TV show " Medium " and have been watching it for years .... " NO MORE " ... ever since the real " side-kick " was on the show and acted and spoke such nasty, evil,spiteful and bitter words ( if Kyle's kids go missing don't come to me I won't help ) ... get over yourself ... I wonder if your family members from the spirit world tell you on a daily basis how disappointed they are by her as a human being and a person..... you should be ashamed of yourself ... and I am so sorry for your mother who clearly wasted her life trying to raise a honest compassionate human being !!!


PS. Women don't get along with her because she is a SOCIAL RETARD! Her friends work for her and male friends BONE her..Yeah she sucks!


Camille not used to fighting dirty.. ummm she called faye Risnick "Morally Corrupt" Meanwhile she posed for playboy over 13 times, was an exotic dancer and uhemmm "call girl".. Biggest hater I've ever seen. Of course she would compare her husbands status to Kyles, makes her feel better. Let's not mention that she's an awesome mom.. could this be because those aren't her real kids.. let the 28 nannys deal with them. She makes me want to throw up in my mouth.


I do enjoy watching the Housewives series & understand that a lot of it is for show but I was taken aback by the comments made by Camille's friend, Allison. Did anyone hear her say in reference to Kyle's children that if they went missing, don't come to her to ask for help? And she also said she could reveal when Kyle would die. That is just over the top! What's wrong with that lady? She obviously thinks she's God or something - her superior attitude was too much. And someone touched on this too - was she able to tell that Kelsey was getting a little something-something on the side? Obviously not if Camille was blindsided. I'd love to hear if Camille questioned her about that. Allison is a total joke and a really awful person. Personally, I like Kyle. I do think she's not as giving to Kim as she should be, because Kim obviously needs more support from her, but on the other hand, Kim needs to get a backbone & stand up for herself.


I stand by what I say. The real creepiness on this show comes from Kyle Richards, who is genuinely emotionally ABUSIVE to her sister Kim. What Camille and Kyle do to each other is contrived and exaggerated to boost the ratings. If you read the Producer blogs on Bravo, he admits that they were "encouraged" to create drama. Lisa Vanderpump also admitted the same on TV, and said at the beginning of the series they were told to make drama but no one wanted to be the first one to start trouble. Camille and Kyle are performing for Bravo ratings, as they are expected to do. I don't take it seriously, sorry. And I'm not a Camille enabler, I'm just not a hater.


First of all Camille is good at fighting. She had her girlfriends jumping on Kyle like attack dogs. Kyle stood alone and did fine by herself. Also, when Kim and Kyle go at each other or Kyle gets on Kim that is sister stuff and anyone that has a sister or sibling know that stuff goes on and then you move on but you love each other and you can see them do that. Last, Camille had bad things to say about someone else's husband and she should have kept her thoughts and words to herself because as you see what goes around comes around and it came around to her. Let's check on Kyle and Mauricio and see if they are still together, um, I think so. Sorry, Camille your wish came true...for you.