Amber Portwood Pleads Not Guilty to Assault Charges

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Amber Portwood claims she is innocent of assault against Gary Shirley.

The Teen Mom star has been sitting in an Indiana jail for the last 24 hours, but, through a judge, entered a plea of not guilty today to all felony charges that have been filed.

Amber Portwood Mug Shot

The court has also prohibited Amber from having any contact with daughter Leah or Shirley, under whom the two-year old will be supervised until further steps are taken in Portwood's case.

THG will continue to monitor this case as information develops. You can actually watch Amber smack Gary in this video.

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You because you hit another adult doesnt mean you going to hurt your child! They shouldnt have keep her from her daughter at all. They should have just put her in anger managment class and taught her how to control her anger and let that be the end of it! If it happens again then go from there! I think that would have fixed the whole problem. To me it seemed like they were making an example of her. Many parents have problems. They dont have to go through all this, and I dont think Amber, Gary, and Leah should have either! What has all this emotional tention and goings on between the soical workers and parents doing to Leah???


@danielle philips- wow thanx for the laugh- you are truly an idiotic immature little child. Hahahahahahahah people crack me up how stupid they are. Your life is what you make it- if you think your life sux guess what? YOU made it that way. I'm an extremely happy person, I have 2 kids, a husband that's been my best friend since 8th grade, I live in a crappy trailor park, we don't make much money, my family are all idiots, my mom died of cancer 3 years ago, I had a shitty childhood. But you know what- instead of trying to get people to take pity on me I learned from it & I am now a mature responsible adult that made a great life for myself & am very happy! Because I MADE it that way!!! :D I hope everyone here fixes their problems & is able to feel as happy as me.


Ooook?!?!?! I guess the Xanax have kicked in because I have no idea what you're talking about. Nor do I think you understood what I was saying. Nevermind, have a good life?


well, on something like that, there's really not much the owner of the site can do, aside from changing the rules and regulations regarding posts. those people are people you don't know, and that don't know you. that being said, neither one of you (you or them) can really make any judgements. it's a difference of opinion. people don't like it when their opinions are challeneged, so they react stupidly. that's all they were doing. when people have to resort to name calling, they can't argue your point..


@Danielle, I've read all of your comments. And I just wanted to say, that you are really an unstable person. Don't you think that you have enough problems of your own? I don't think you are in any situation to be taking on anyone elses. What you need to realize is that you can't fix Amber. She has to fix herself. This post is not a shot at you or Amber personally and is not sent in a mean way. It's only my opinion and you can take it for what it's worth.


Amber is nothing more than trailer trash! Does she have her G.E.D yet?


Arabella011 you must be realed to her because anyone who thinks that Amber is correct oin the way she is behaving obviously is related or is sucking her teets.........


I saw the show. Amber is very immature and she should be charged with something AND she defienitly should not have a child. I am glad they have taken that child from her. Gary is wrong in allowing her to treat him that way, but you can tell he has low self esteem and thats why Amber is acting that way. Amber needs to be put in her place so she can recognize what RESPECT is.....She was disrespectful to is parents too and thats just F...,ed up! Gary will probably not testify or press charges and she will get away with it but I feel so sorry fo rthat child because it will be a cycle she will endure and probably go through when she gets older. On the reunion shows she always apologized and thought she was pregnant and did it again.....She is too stuck on herself and she needs a REALITY check QUICK!


What grounds do you have to sue me? For giving my opinion? I've never threatened you. You're the one making threats. Read your past posts retard. And stop using your family as a crutch because you haven't made anything of yourself.


Thanks for agreeing with me. I'm going to help Amber. USMC, if you are going to talk to people like shit like what you did, i can press charges and sue you. Never push my limit. USMC, you got lucky that i didn't threatened you back. Like i said, never push my limit USMC.