Brett Favre Fined $50K, Not Suspended For Jenn Sterger Sexting Scandal

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NFL star Brett Favre will be fined $50,000 for allegedly sending former New York Jets employee Jenn Sterger explicit text messages and photos.

Favre was NOT suspended for his actions, but the fine basically implies that an NFL investigation verified the rumors going around for months.

Basically, Jenn saw pics of Brett Favre's small junk. Amazing.

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SHE'S SO FINE: Worth a $50,000 one? Debatable.

Jenn Sterger, who has posed for Playboy and Maxim, worked as a sideline personality for the Jets in 2008, Favre's one season with the team.

In addition to firing off photos of his wang, Brett allegedly asked Jenn for a video of her masturbating. Dude is very forward, give him that.

Favre admitted leaving her voicemails, but denies sending her explicit pics. The fine was issued because the star was "deemed uncooperative."

We would deem him a host of other things, too.

A suspension wouldn't have mattered that much anyway, as the beleaguered shot-caller was unlikely to play the Sunday because of injuries.

You can listen to Favre's voicemails, which are only slightly less absurd than these remarks by Tucker Carlson about Michael Vick, right here:

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they could not determine his guilt in the investigation
only 3 people know the truth him her and God
he was fined for not cooperating during the investigation
get your facts straight people
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Farve is so over-rated its unbelievable! I dont understand why he has any fans or support he should have retiered from green bay and left it at that but she was asking for it .. Come on what sweaty naked guy doesnt think so? And 50 grand thats it? Wtf ... Who is in control here?


Goodal???? Probably the same low standards imbecile as Goodell....


Disgusting. The fine means nothing, representing less than 5% of a single games wages. Goodal drives another nail in the coffin of the NFL's persona of respect. I, for one, now have less respect for the NFL than I do Professional Wrestling. Sadly everybody in the Orginazation will suffer for the childish actions of Favre, and the gutless actions of Goodal.


U no the rich get by with so much... That's nothing to him 50k....I hope his wife has left him... For Gods sake she best breast cancer .. And this is what she gets in return ..her own husband acting like a teenager?., if someone like us would do something like that.. The fine would be A lot more..he makes me sick.. He should have gotten fired ...

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