Bristol Palin to Enroll at Arizona State?

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Dancing With the Stars finalist / abstinence advocate / Facebook fiend Bristol Palin just bought a house and says that she may enroll in college nearby.

The location of said property: Maricopa, Arizona.

The $172,000 Arizona home Bristol Palin just paid for in cash has five bedrooms, 2.5 baths and 3,900 square feet. The price? $172,000. Quite a deal.

B-Palin's Bailin'

SUN DEVIL: Is Bristol heading to ASU? [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

So far, no word on which school the 20-year-old will be attending, but the home is just miles from Arizona State University's school of broadcasting.

Bristol has expressed an interest in broadcasting public speaking. Another fun fact: ASU declined to give Barack Obama an honorary degree in May.

He gave the commencement speech, but officials deemed that he, the President of the U.S., hadn't done enough in his career to warrant the honor.

Sounds like a good fit for Bristol. Sarah Palin? So proud.


Bristol Palin just bought a house in Arizona, rumor has it that house was previously owned by John McCain.


You go Bristol, live for you and your baby. Dont let these hateful people change you.


She should run for council. She already has more political experince than what Maricopa has to offer. I wonder if Bristol likes the smell of cow dung because this town is surrounded by empty desert, high winds and lots of dairies.


All the negative comments are so pathetic........I feel sorry for you all. No matter what your political party is you can be happy for someone when good things happen for them. Good for you Bristol!!!!!!!!!


Dumb, a 3900 square foot home goes for about $600,000 in my hood. Sounds like she got a great deal to me. You people are just haters.


What a dumb girl. She bought a home in Maricopa. The worst place to buy a home. She should have researched the area. She will lose value, it is the lowest value real estate in the state. LOL just like her mom. She doesnt research before she acts.


Perhaps a major in donut consumption would be more appropriate for her talents. Presuming she has at least some genetic matter from her parents, there is little chance of success in any academic program beyond high school.


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