Rihanna and Matt Kemp: It's Over!

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Matt Kemp has struck out with Rihanna.

Sources confirm to Us Weekly that the outfielder and the singer are no longer an item, as the sexy crooner "was basically just over it," an insider says. Adding that the relationship was "never as serious as it looked," the friend concluded:

Brown and Rihanna

"He just can't keep up with her crazy travel schedule."

In early December, rumors of Kemp cheating circulated. There's no evidence that this split is connected to that chatter, but one thing is for certain:

Rihanna leaves this relationship in a much better state than she did when she broke up with Chris Brown.

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elle est coollllllllllllllll


i knw ey wd not lust ba um proud of rihana she made e rite choice.she is agreat rolemodel


@ D-Lister don't ever come on the hollywood gossip and start talking s..t about me and keep my name out your mouth all i do is come on here and comment on the celebrities and i do mind my own business and if you don't like my comment than too bad i can say whatever the hell i want on the hollywood gossip website and Rihanna is a good role model at least dhe isnt doiing some crazy s..t or het herself in trouble unlike these other celebrities they end up in jail or Rehab so do not try to critize ri ri she is a good person and she has also been through alot @ D-LiSter you do not know me so keep my name out of the drama .


Yea couldn't see this going anywhere, glad they only wasted a few months.


they are so not match good thing they break up


well dont think they were gonna last long...anyway hope she will make more good music. @allure searles shes a good role model?? am i hearing it wrong or something...


well you see wich one did rihana break up with him or.. the other way around


ppl i never knew they were together i thought they were like ewww.


Ilike riri because she is different and she has her own style. people dnt hate ok an 4 neci shut the hell up cuz you probally neva have a bf so get off her d***. If she crazy then leave her alone dumb bicth.


I knew that matt and rihanna wasnt going to last. Why? Because she is too risky. I think that riri got alot of issues, it strange that they broke up and yes! he knew what the deal was with riri. I dont care what her fans say, riri is crazy.