Crystal Harris & Hugh Hefner: Engaged!

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Santa Claus presented Hugh Hefner with a busty blonde over the weekend, as the Playboy founder announced via Twitter that he's engaged to 24-year old Crystal Harris. He explained:

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    I wish he would have gotten busted for prostitution years ago. How dare he support A charity that helps children involved with prostitution. As soon as they turn 18 he offers them a "Job". He deserves to be fucking castrated and have his wrinkly dick shoved up his old ass. Hugh Hefner is A disgusting sexual predator a criminal.What would you think if A 60 year old man picked up A newborn baby and said "In 24 years I'm gonna pay this baby to fuck me."? Exactly


    What the hell???...Why get married??? Frankly I was all for his idea of NOT getting married again. I mean really.....YOU'RE 84 what's the point?....and damn, to a 24 year old??? I mean Holly must REALLY be eating her heart out now and confused. But....Hugh apparantly "KNEW" her and did not feel she was "the right woman" to be his wife. Still....married? 84? Also, WHAT THE HELL TOOK HIM SO LONG TO GET AN OFFICIAL DIVORCE???


    I feel so sorry for holly. I think she really loved him and wanted to marry him. he told her he never wanted to get married again and now hes getting married.


    No amount of viagra can bring that toot pick back to life. Hang up your wheel chair hef and jump in the grave she alrady dug for you!


    An old POS looking for publicity. His next gig is an obit and I’m sure she will piss on his grave.


    This old scum bag must have a ball (one not two) the size of a dried up raisin. He looks like a great grandma ready for the coffin. She must have married him for scum laden robes.


    Yea fucking right what a joke!! Why would he marry??!! He's going to croak one of theses days when she bouncing on him or what's left of him, fuckin old bat!!
    And probably a prenup too of course or else he is really loosing it!!
    NO is not worth fucking!!


    All I have to say is this is disgusting, he is old enough to be her GREAT grandfather, and they should know better! She either has major daddy issues, "Ooooh


    Hugh Hefner is 84 years old, and Crystal Harris is 24 years old. So there's only a 60 year age difference.


    Wasn't Hefner dating a couple of 19 year old twins or something like that? This Crystal girl needs to invest in fertility pills and a butt load of viagra and starting screwing the shit out of this silver fox/cash cow until she gets a positive pregnancy test. There's enough child support money in Hefner to support at least 75% of this country's single mothers.

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