Suri Cruise: NOT Baby Gap Model

Yes, Suri Cruise exists. And sort of looks Asian!

It wasn't a guarantee that the daughter of Tom Cruise was even real for awhile. Before her birth, celebrity gossip and even some legitimate media outlets questioned the authenticity of Katie Holmes' pregnancy - then when Suri's birth certificate had some incorrect information on it, all hell broke loose.

But Suri Cruise made her debut in Vanity Fair in the fall of 2006. Her crazy parents are so, so proud.

Suri Cruise was born exactly one year after TomKat's first date! That's just bonkers if you ask us.

Since then, she's been on magazine covers, traveled the world, made friends, learned to crawl and talk a bit, and so much more. Suri may even voice Knut the polar bear in a new movie! Probably not, but you never know in this world.

Either way, she's never far from cute photos - or ridiculous rumors such as the one in which her biological father is said to be the late L. Ron Hubbard. That's just funny.