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Katie Holmes has provided fans with the rarest of sightings.

Her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, spending time with the former couple’s daughter, Suri?

LOL, no! We’ll see Mission: Impossible 29 hit theaters  before see that happen, based on numerous reports about how Tom never, EVER hangs out with Suri.

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However, Suri has remained very close to her mother over the years, with Holmes actually sharing an extremely rare picture of her only child the day after Christmas last week.

As you can see above, Holmes didn’t include a caption or any kind of message along with the picture.

But not much has to be said about the cute black-and-white photo, which certainly implies two things:

  1. Mother and daughter spent the holidays together.
  2. Mother and daughter are very tight.

Needless to say, we haven’t been treated to a snapshot of father and daughter in many, many years.

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Katie welcomed Suri into the world back in 2006 and has done an admirable job since then of shielding the little girl from the spotlight.

The 41-year old actress admitted in November that she and Suri “kind of grew up together," hence their bond.

“I was happy to become a mom in my 20s,” the Dawson’s Creek alum told Elle UK at the time, adding:

“It’s been nice that our ages fit. How do I put this? Every age that my child has been and my age at that time has been a good match.”

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Suri is 13 years old now, which is pretty darn crazy.

Most pictures in our gallery are similar to the one immediately above, due to how infrequently Holmes has shared anything about her daughter over the past few years.

In April, though, a source gushed to Us Weekly about what a “great kid” Suri has grown into.

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“She is so sweet and well-mannered,” the insider shared at the time.

This anonymous person continued:

“She’s extremely polite and respectful. She’s just a good girl who is a joy to be around. Katie has done things right with her because she’s very grounded and down to earth. She doesn’t come across as spoiled or like a celebrity kid at all.

"She’s kind and she always shows gratitude.”

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The last time that Tom and his daughter were seen in public together was in 2013.

He never really talks about her and, to be clear, is absolutely permitted to see Suri.

He just doesn’t want to, reports have indicated.

It’s very sad.