Ansel Elgort Tweets Support During MTV Movie Awards, Names "Vagina Jokes" as Winner

Ansel Elgort Supports MTV Movie Awards, Vagina Jokes

Not being able to attend the MTV Movie Awards didn't stop Ansel Elgort from supporting The Fault in Our Stars via social media.

The actor, 21, took to Twitter and Instagram to celebrate the movie's various wins last night, including Best Picture and Best Kiss.

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Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2014: Whose Boobs Took the Top Spots?

Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2014: Whose Boobs Took the Top Spots?

Each year, the website Mr. Skin releases its list of the year's top nude scenes.

There was a time when the entries were something of a foregone conclusion, but in the Golden Age of Nudity in which we live, there are dozens and sometimes hundreds of "hoots and glutes" (as Skin himself so eloquently put it) from which to choose.

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Shailene Woodley: Divergent Fans Are Weird!

Shailene Woodley: Divergent Fans Are Weird!

Shailene Woodley covers the new issue of Vanity Fair, and as expected, the earth mother actress gave the mag a ramblingly naive interview in which she tackles the Big Issues: fracking, global warming, GMOs...and how weird Divergent fans can be.

And not just Divergent, fans, mind you, but any screamingly obsessed young folks. Take it away, Shai:

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Shailene Woodley Quotes

gaia. aloha. rewilding. sacralizing the feminine. gratitude.

Shailene Woodley

Most people have never heard of clay, or spring water, or chlorophyll, which shocks me because that's what I revolve my life around, but then it shocks them that I know nothing about a big designer, or director, or producer.

Shailene Woodley