Justin Bieber is pretty much king of the tween world. He's a global singing superstar, followed by millions and millions.

Justin Bieber & Kendall Jenner Slammed For Privileged Coronavirus Comments: It's Not Our Fault We're Rich!

Justin Bieber & Kendall Jenner: It's Great to Be Rich!

If anything good has come out of the coronavirus pandemic -- and mind you, that's a a very big if -- it's a renewed appreciation for the essential workers that keep this country operational in times of unprecedented crisis.

Sadly, that appreciation has come as result of circumstances that have forced healthcare staff, grocery store clerks, and many others to quite literally risk their lives in order to help their neighbors.

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Justin Bieber Is Not A Fan Of Popeyes Chicken Sandwich: It's Not Worth The Hype!

So Justin Bieber Is Not A Fan Of Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

If you happen to live near a Popeyes or have driven past one this week, then you have most definitely noticed the ridiculously long lines. 

The fast-food restaurant added their coveted chicken sandwich back to their menu on Nov. 3 and the hype has been too real. 

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Hailey Baldwin Slams Trolls For Calling Her a "Fake Christian" For Celebrating Halloween!

Hailey Gets Called a "Fake Christian" For Celebrating Halloween!

Hailey Baldwin is just trying to enjoy spooky season in peace, but naturally, some people have to be complete witches. 

With October 31st just around the corner, Hailey Baldwin is in search of a Halloween costume and took to her Instagram Stories to ask her followers for help on what she should be this year. 

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