Britney Spears: An American Tragedy

The new issue of Rolling Stone features Britney Spears on the cover, and analyzes her incredible downward spiral within. The alleged music magazine may not offer much in the way of insight, but does make some new revelations:

The singer's mother, Lynne Spears, allowed Britney to get breast implants as a teenager. But after going under the knife, "she regretted the implants, particularly because her chest was still growing," a friend says. "When her natural breasts became larger, she had the implants removed." But Spears kept the surgery a secret. Adds the friend, "When other girls had their boobs done [they admitted it] and moved on, but Britney was brought up to lie about herself."

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Katie Rees: Arrested!

Katie Rees: Arrested!

Katie Rees found a new way to use her body last night.

The former Miss Nevada was arrested in Las Vegas for allegedly assaulting a police officer, TMZ reports.

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Combination of Drugs Proved Lethal For Heath Ledger

The N.Y. Medical Examiner's report on the cause of Heath Ledger's death has been released. No medications were taken in excess, but a combination of the prescribed drugs Heath was taking appears to have resulted in his tragic death.

Officially, the 28-year-old Australian "died as the result of acute intoxication by the combined effects of oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, alprazolam and doxylamine," according to the examiner's autopsy findings.

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Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears Hosts Super Bowl Bash!

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears Hosts Super Bowl Bash!

Again, file this one into the "Probably Not True But Funny Celebrity Gossip You Should Read For Entertainment Purposes" category.

Star Magazine needs to start signing some of its writers to contracts to write novels, because some of the stuff they make up is great.

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Christina Aguilera Signs Autographs, Talks Penis Balloons

Christina Aguilera Signs Autographs, Talks Penis Balloons

Doing our best to ignore Christina Aguilera's enormous boobs in the photo below, we'll just concentrate on how nice it is to see the singer back in the public eye.

The Dirrrty one made her first appearance following the birth of son Max Bratman. Signing autographs of her new DVD, Back to Basics - Live and Down Under, Christina talked about the young one's recent bris:

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