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Even at age 79, Charles Manson can still trap a young, lovelorn woman in his twisted web. This time, it’s a 25-year-old woman known as Star.

She shaved her head and carved an X into her forehead at Manson’s behest, Rolling Stone reports, and she yearns for conjugal visits with the murderer.

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“Star!” Manson gushed to Rolling Stone during a series of bizarre and lengthy conversations. “She’s not a woman. She’s a star in the Milky Way!”

Raised by Baptist parents in a town on the Mississippi River, Star says that she became enchanted with Charles Manson for an unexpected reason.

His environmental stance, which he calls ATWA – air, trees, water, air – struck a chord with her when she was only 19. So she moved to be near him.

Yes, she actually saved up money and moved to Corcoran, Calif., to be near her man, who has been locked up in Corcoran State Prison for decades.


“People can think I’m crazy,” she said. “But they don’t know.”

“This is what’s right for me. This is what I was born for.”

The creepy couple are only allowed a kiss at the beginning and end of their visits, which occur Saturdays and Sundays for up to five hours a day.

Star makes Charlie cute gift boxes packed with snacks, clothes, guitar strings and such. Always under the supervision of prison guards, of course.

Inmates with life sentences are not allowed conjugal visits.

“If we did (have conjugal visits), we’d be married by now,” Star said.

“You know, that’s the only thing I want.”

Those familiar with Manson’s history may note that Star bears a striking resemblance to Susan Atkins, a.k.a. “Sexy Sadie,” one of his most ardent followers.

Atkins, who died in prison in 2009, participated in eight of the nine murders committed by the serial killer and his “family” in the summer of 1969.

But Star says she’s nothing like Atkins. Nothing.

“That b—h was f—–g crazy. She was a crazy f—–g whore,” Manson’s girlfriend/fiancee/whatever said matter-of-factly and with unsettling intensity.

Here’s wishing these two the best, we think?