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Why did Amy and Matt Roloff get a divorce?

A lot has changed over the years for the Little People, Big World family.

The biggest bombshell came in 2015 when, after two decades together, Amy and Matt Rolloff divorced, much to the dismay of their children.

Matt and Amy Roloff attend the Discovery Upfront Presentation on April 23, 2008 in New York City. ((Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Discovery))

But what exactly happened? And what can we expect from the 25th season of Little People, Big World, debuting February 2024? Let’s discuss!

Why Amy & Matt Roloff Divorced

To start off, the pair never had what one would call an easy marriage.

But then again, what reality couple does? In fact, we could rattle of the names of dozens of married couples who split during the course of their show, and it’s proving difficult to come up with just one couple that’s made it!

Little People, Big World Return Pic
Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff are featured in this photo from the spring 2018 premiere of Little People, Big World. (TLC)

Still, Amy Roloff and Matt seemed to have it worst than most. Fans watched on for seasons as their relationship deteriorated before there eyes, with Matt and Amy butting heads on everything from family vacations to things to sell at the farm.

“After 27 years of marriage, it is with great sadness that we have come to the difficult decision to file for divorce,” the couple’s statement read in June 2015, when announcing their divorce.

“We are proud of what we have accomplished together, including raising our four wonderful children, who have grown to become remarkable adults, and building our strong and ongoing successful businesses.”

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So, why did they get a divorce?

The real reason behind the split still remains a mystery –

Unless you take Amy at her word.

Did Matt Cheat on Amy?

In her memoir, A Little Me, Amy alleged that Matt was involved with his then girlfriend – now fiancee – while they were still married.

Enter Caryn Chandler into the chat. Caryn was a long-time employee who worked as the manager of the pumpkin patch at the Roloff Farm.

Matt Roloff and his new fiancee, Caryn in season 25 of ‘Little People, Big World’ (TLC)

In her memoir, Amy wrote that she had a gut feeling that Matt has cheated.  

“I saw messages, pictures, and other things that should not have been shared between people who just worked together and were still married to other people,” Amy wrote.

After Amy and Matt split, she would often take to her social media to double down on the allegations, and vent about how the marriage was unhealthy.

Caryn and Matt in a Confessional
Caryn and Matt talk here about whether or not they’ll receive an invite to Amy Roloff’s wedding. (TLC)

Matt Roloff Denies Cheating Allegations: That’s Not Why We Divorced

However, to hear Matt tell it, this is all a big lie.

He has maintain adamantly that he and Caryn did not get together until after he split from Amy.

Still, signs of Matt’s willingness not to stay faithful were there – including things Matt said himself!

In their 2007 book, Little People, Big Values, Matt admitted that he thought commitment could be “flexible”.

“Amy puts commitment at or near the top of her list, I would put it further down,” Matt wrote. “She tends to be more of a committed-to-a-fault kind of person, while I see most commitments — with some very notable exceptions — as flexible and negotiable.”

Amy Roloff, Matt Roloff
Amy Roloff, Matt Roloff in season 25 of ‘Little People, Big World’ (TLC)

Amy Is Remarried- And Matt is About To Be!

Today, Amy and Matt’s relationship is a bit rocky.

They still work together at the Roloff farm, which causes a lot of friction.

Couple that with Matt’s estranged relationship with their son Zach and things are on edge to say the least.

The upcoming 25th season will be laser-focused on Amy and Matt’s relationship, especially as Matt makes a huge announcement: he’s marrying Caryn!

Now, Amy moved on and married Chris Marek in August 2021 at Roloff Farms. Matt and Caryn have been together for a long time, and the new season sees them not only wedding planning, but also looking for a house.

How will Amy take the news? Far better than her son, it would seem from the first trailer.

In fact, Amy seems focused on trying to bring the family together, including Matt and Zach, then trying to start a war to make things worse.

The show has them in a good place – but the question is, can that last?