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David Eason is not a great person.

We know this because of several things we’ve witnessed him say and do over the past few years.

David Eason Hunting

Oh, and because of all the arrest records and court documents, too.

We don’t have time to go over everything — who does? — so let’s just hit the highlights, just to really drive home why people are unhappy with this whole "huge knife, bad vibes" situation we’re going to talk about soon.

Before David even entered the Teen Mom universe, he’d been arrested several times for things like breaking and entering and driving under the influence.

He’d also been accused of abusing a former girlfriend, even when she was pregnant with his child at the time — this woman managed to get a restraining order against him for herself and for their son after he was born.

David Eason With a Gun

After he began dating Jenelle, we saw how controlling he seemed during his time on Teen Mom 2, but things only got worse from there.

Nathan Griffith, Jenelle’s ex and the father of her son Kaiser, has alleged multiple times that David is abusive towards the boy, even going as far as to share photos of bruises on his backside that he claimed came from a beating with a stick.

We’ve heard a 911 call from Jenelle in which she tearfully told the operator that David had pushed her to the ground so hard she thought he’d broken her collarbone.

And there was another 911 call where she said she’d locked him out of the house because he was raging and he’d started literally beating the door down.

Jenelle Evans Shared a Recording of David Eason Abusing His Daughter

Oh, and let’s not forget the time that he posted a video of himself shooting an assault rifle and tagged Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi, a stunt that brought the Secret Service down to the swamp for a little investigation.

In 2019, he killed Jenelle’s dog, and CPS removed all the children from the home for about six weeks.

A few months after they got the kids back, she packed up and left for Nashville, making a statement that she was filing for divorce and also getting a restraining order after claiming in court that she feared for her life.

That didn’t last too long, and she eventually went back to him, but that wasn’t the last time she threatened to leave.

Jenelle and David Eason Kiss

She did it again once last year, and when she brought a couple of friends over to help her get some of her things, David assaulted one of them with a gun.

He’s also killed and eaten the family’s pet goat and showed off the goat’s severed head on social media.

More recently, his four-year-old daughter, Ensley, accused him of killing baby chicks during an Instagram Live and he told her to shut up — when she insisted that he had killed the chicks, he threatened to smack her.

So yeah, with this kind of history, you can see why a lot of people wouldn’t be too psyched to see him messing around with knives.

Unfortunately, he’s still into that metalworking hobby, so every now and then he’ll share a video of himself making things on Instagram.

That’s where the Teen Mom fans over on Reddit got this cursed screenshot:

As you can see, he’s working on this great big knife at the moment.

And while he and Jenelle may want you to believe that this is proof he’s working on his business and providing for the family, that’s not necessarily what other people are taking from this.

The screenshot was shared on Reddit with the title "What nightmares are made of," and the top comment reads "He legit looks like an inbred hillbilly killer in a horror movie. How in the world can Jenelle throw away everything for this?"

"He’s giving big Deliverance energy here," another person agreed.

David Eason With Kittens

One commenter joked "He stole Amber’s machete," a reference to another violent Teen Mom cast member with a penchant for big knives.

"It looks like a cover to a B horror movie," another comment pointed out.

And just in case things weren’t dark enough already, someone speculated that "All this footage will be in a Dateline special someday …"

The point is that no one who knows anything about these people is looking at this and thinking "Oh, this is fine and totally normally and not at all terrifying."’

That really says something, doesn’t it?