Jenelle Evans 911 Call Released: David Eason Broke My Collarbone!

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Earlier this week, Teen Mom 2 fans learned that Jenelle Evans was rushed to the hospital after calling 911 to report an assault in her home.

For obvious reasons, Jenelle's temperamental husband, David Eason, immediately emerged as the prime suspect.

Evans attempted to protect Eason, however, claiming through her reps that she had simply fallen and injured herself during a party at her home.

Now, the truth has come out via a shocking 911 call -- and it's every bit as ugly as we suspected:

1. Public Enemy #1

Public Enemy #1
David has never been a fan favorite. In fact, he was fired by Teen Mom 2 producers earlier this year for hurling homophobic slurs on his Instagram page.

2. A New Low

A New Low
But he may have officially earned the title of "most hated man on reality television" thanks to his latest scandal.

3. Jenelle's Hell

Jenelle's Hell
Based on initial police reports and the claims Jenelle makes in her shocking 911 call, it seems the story went something like this:

4. Drunk Dave

Drunk Dave
David got drunk while hanging out at home on Saturday night. There was some sort of altercation, during which he struck Jenelle and pinned her down.

5. David's Rage

David's Rage
According to Jenelle's phone call, which you'll hear momentarily, David was so aggressive that Jenelle heard her collar bone "snap." After the fight, Eason fled in his truck.

6. The Shocking Truth

The Shocking Truth
All of these details are revealed by Jenelle in a shocking recording obtained by TMZ today. Be warned that the following audio contains disturbing content that some may find difficult to listen to:

7. The Call

Jenelle sobbed hysterically as she recounted the details of the harrowing ordeal she just endured to a 911 operator.

8. The Allegation

The Allegation
"My husband, he just assaulted me,” Evans told the operator.

9. A Frightening Account

A Frightening Account
“He pinned me down on the ground in the yard, and I think I heard my f–king collarbone crack and I can’t move my arms," she added.

10. Alcohol Was a Factor

Alcohol Was a Factor
According to Jenelle, David “got violent because he was drinking.”

11. Return of the Ex

Return of the Ex
Toward the end of the call, it sounds as though David -- whom Jenelle refers to as her "ex" -- returns home and attempts to convince her to hang up the phone.

12. Reconciled

Sadly, the breakup was very temporary, and it seems that within hours, Jenelle and David were back together.

13. On the Mend

On the Mend
Though she refused the services of EMTs who arrived on the scene, Evans was treated for her injuries at a nearby hospital.

14. Confusing the Issue

Confusing the Issue
It's unclear how badly Jenelle was injured, as both she and David have been doing their best to downplay the incident in the days since it occurred.

15. Burying the Truth

Burying the Truth
Jenelle even went so far as to delete her Twitter and Facebook accounts. She also hired a representative to claim that she her injuries were the result of an accidental fall.

16. David's Fake News

David's Fake News
Despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, Eason has already taken to social media to dismiss the incident as "fake news."

17. Reaching Out

Reaching Out
On Twitter, several of Jenelle's co-stars reacted to the shocking 911 audio.

18. Chelsea's Reaction

Chelsea's Reaction
Chelsea Houska asked a question that's on the minds of many TM2 viewers today.

19. Briana's Reaction

Briana's Reaction
Briana DeJesus was clearly heartbroken by the evidence of her friend's frightening situation.

20. Everyone Is Angry

Everyone Is Angry
The outrage is universal among TM2 viewers today, as thousands have taken to social media to demand answers.

21. Eason Problems

Eason Problems
Many have pointed out that David seems to grapple with severe substance abuse issues.

22. Intervention Time

Intervention Time
Some have suggested that it's time for Barbara Evans and Nathan Griffith to have their children removed from Jenelle and David's home.

23. Dear Jenelle

Dear Jenelle
Others have reached out with advice for Jenelle to escape from the waking nightmare that is her current living situation.

24. Silent So Far

Silent So Far
Thus far, Jenelle has offered no public reaction to the release of the 911 call.

25. An Emergency Situation

An Emergency Situation
Like so many Teen Mom 2 viewers, we hope that she'll soon be able to find the help she needs and rid herself of Eason for good. We'll have further updates on this situation as more information becomes available.

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